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Branding, Brian Halley, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

TSE 504: Sales From The Street-“Branding Brings Sales”

Webinar, Branding, Donald Kelly, Brian HalleyDo you know how branding and sales can come together to increase your revenue? Today’s guest is the branding guru, Brian Halley. He and I are having a webinar to discuss how you can actually incorporate branding and sales into your process to help you increase your revenue.

Brian Halley has been doing graphic design for 20 years now. He launched the company Right Think where they help small businesses look world-class.

In this episode of Sales from the Street, Brian is going to share with us one of the major challenges he faced with sales and branding and how we was able to rise above it.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Brian:

Brian’s major challenge in selling and branding:

The Jelly Belly Experience

Brian got hired to do the international packaging for Jelly Belly Candy Company that comprised only 5% of the company’s total market while another guy was doing 95% of the branding for the national market. After much research and various design mock-ups, Brian’s work got noticed by the owner of the company and he ultimately got chosen to do worldwide rebranding for the next 6 months to a year.

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My takeaways from this episode:

  1. Sell yourself.
  2. Sell the business idea.
  3. Sell the branding package.

Golden nuggets of wisdom from Brian:

  1. Respect the people making the choices.
  2. Give different options for them to choose.

Brian and I are doing a webinar to talk more about this idea of marrying branding and sales so you can be successful.

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Episode Resources:

Check out Brian’s website on and do a 30-minute conversation with him if you want to know more about branding.

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Prospecting, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, 10x10, Sales Podcast

TSE 287: Make Prospecting a Habit By Doing Your 10×10!

Prospecting, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, 10x10, Sales Podcast

Why is prospecting such a huge struggle among many salespeople? Today, I’m going to teach you a process that’s going to help you become a prospecting machine.

Prospecting is a vital part of the whole sales process since it’s a means to get people into your pipeline. However, only a small portion of time is actually dedicated towards prospecting and building that solid, healthy pipeline. The key is to always have new people and new business opportunities coming into the funnel. And another key is to get out there and get out there early to prospect.


The 10 x 10 Formula for Effective Prospecting:

Contact 10 ideal prospects before 10 am daily.

Why do you need to do this?

  1. You have to build the habit.

About 50% of a sales professional’s time needs to be dedicated towards prospecting. That percentage will decrease as you have groups of people prospecting for you or as you have systems set in place.

  1. You get their attention before all the distractions come in.

Getting access to them the earliest possible increases your chances of getting their attention before getting distracted by so many things going on throughout the day.

How to start:

  1. Find those ideal customers.

This can be done through several ways: cold calling, social selling, email, etc. Whatever it is, take advantage of networking opportunities and connect with the ideal prospects.

  1. Set a prospecting time.

Dedicate half of your day towards prospecting. Or split it up half in the morning and half in the evening. Whatever works for you will do for as long as you are able to get into that habit of prospecting early.

Now imagine if you did this 5 days a week?

Well, you would have made about 50 contacts a week with your ideal prospects. Obviously, this would not be the only prospecting you could do, but this practice jump starts your day and gives you the opportunity to connect with your ideal prospects before the prospect gets too busy with their day-to-day business.

Episode Resources:

Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

Sales Coaching, Donald Kelly, Bill Nowicki, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

TSE 256: Sales From The Street- “I Need Some Help Brother…Part 2”

Sales Coaching, Donald Kelly, Bill Nowicki, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Bill and I talked back in Episode 227 where I did a coaching session with him. We basically talked about the business that he’s starting with video production to help organizations better articulate their value through the power of video.

Today’s episode is somewhat a follow up on the strategies that he has implemented and seen since the last time we talked.

A brief background about Bill…

Bill Nowicki is a nuclear engineer and host of the podcast Submarine Sea Stories where he gets to chat with old buddies in the navy. Through his company Nowicki Media, Bill pivoted into video creation which is the one thing he’s really, really passionate about.

In our previous session, Bill had set some goals of getting a paid customer by the end of 2015, putting together an avatar, and being able to start putting himself out there. As of recording this audio, Bill had two weeks left before the end of the year. Let’s find out if Bill was able to achieve his goals. So, let’s dig right into it…

Scenario 1

Bill’s friend runs a restaurant and he used to be Frank Sinatra’s driver back in the 70’s. He had wanted Bill to put together a video for him for his restaurant since Frank’s 100th birthday was coming up.

Result: Bill put a video together in 3 hours with some cuts of Frank Sinatra and a bunch of pictures and birthday parties he was at with Frank. The result was a 14-minute video. In the end, Bill’s friend offered to pay him $200.

Scenario 2

Has Bill found his niche market?

Bill’s neighbor is in the board of directors of an old historic house in Marietta, Georgia and wanted Bill to create a video for them. So he met with her and another lady named, Anna Brumby, the CEO of Brumby Chair Company, a local manufacturing company in Marietta. She was looking into creating how-to videos and was asking Bill if he could do it. Currently, Bill has sent out his proposals and they have been exchanging comments and reviews.

Presently, Bill is focusing on small businesses and what he loves about it is that “you get to have that connection with the people running it.”

Bill’s next steps in his process:

  • Investigate social media strategies to implement

Bill sees video as a part of a whole strategy so he reached out to their church’s daycare preschool and made a video about their 5K race. Then he will be taking this video and start doing Facebook ads for them to test the waters, so to speak. Watch the video on his website.

  • Apply all these to his avatar (Bill is looking at the industrial/manufacturing industry)

Here are some other nuggets of wisdom gleaned from this conversation:

  • It’s about getting the right people and finding that right person you can connect with.
  • Understand your avatar and their pain so you can put your message around that.
  • It’s not all about you. You have to bring the person you’re talking to into it.
  • Put yourself out there. If you fail, people will help you.
  • Don’t think about doing it, just do it. That’s what it takes to learn.
  • Videos are a great way for connecting with people.

We’re following up with Bill in a couple of months but so far he’s definitely on the right track.

I’m checking up on what you’ve done so far too. Have you clearly identified your avatar and understood their pain points? What steps have you taken lately?

Episode Resources:

Contact Bill through email at

TSE Episode 227 with Bill Nowicki

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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

One-Click Lindsey, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

TSE 248: Get More Web Leads With “One-Click Lindsey”

One ClickIf generating warm leads has been an ongoing agony for you, then you better listen in to today’s episode since we’re bringing in Lindsey Anderson, also known as One-Click Lindsey, who will share powerful strategies when it comes to generating great leads and traffic. We’re not talking about leads from cold-calling, but those warm leads who have already searched you out on your website. Find out how to nurture them!

Lindsey transitioned from being a generic web designer to establishing which seeks to help people generate traffic on their website and turn that traffic into leads through strategies like SEO, social media, and one hundred other ways to increase conversion.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Lindsey:

Lindsey’s coolest sales experience as a customer with Mr. Jim Palmer of the Dream Business Academy

What to consider when trying to gain more online leads:

  1. Put your best foot forward on your website.

Look at your main website. Your myriad of landing pages is not your website. Put your best foot forward on your website because you have to look good when people do their research on you.

  1. Place a call-to-action right on your homepage.

Find out the pain points of most people and let them know you can address them by letting them push that button. Come up with irresistible offers to be able to gather their email addresses such as:

  • 14-day bite-sized email drip where everyday you email a bite-sized tip to the recipient
  • Video series that would call for them to log in
  1. Test your opt-in.

Run some Facebook ads to find out what the interest is.

Ways to drive prospects to your site:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This could take around 3-6 months before you start showing up on the search engines for specific keywords. Long time to wait and can be expensive.

  1. Pay-Per-Click

Google shows ads and every time someone clicks on that ad, you’re charged an “x” amount.

  1. Social Media

This is the fastest way to drive traffic.

  • Facebook ads allow you to target your specific market but you also need to be consistent to really make it work effectively. Random posting doesn’t work. You have to be consistent. Hire a Facebook strategist to run the ads for you.
  • LinkedIn advertising is powerful for B2B although it can get really more expensive than Facebook.

Consistency is key. Do it genuinely and consistently.

Nurturing your leads:

Set up a 12-step email sequence.

This allows you to touch base with users 12 times and by the end, sign them up for your newsletter but also give them an option to opt out.

What’s so cool about Facebook Lead Ads?

Typically, when running a Facebook ad, you run an ad and direct people to a landing page where you give your offer. With lead ads, it keeps you within Facebook. They simply click to subscribe, stay within Facebook and they are led to a Facebook forum with all of their information already pre-populated. All that’s needed is to click submit. It’s that easy. They basically don’t have to enter anything.

Lindsey’s Major Takeaway:

  • Check out Lindsey’s 10-minute video on how to set up Facebook Lead Ads on your own.
  • Be consistent when it comes social media and SEO.

Episode Resources:

Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at with over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

Check out Lindsey’s Traffic and Leads Podcast to know more about generating more leads and traffic for your website.

Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @oneclicklindsey.

The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

Cold Calling, Donald Kelly, Donald C Kelly

TSE 135: Don’t Do This When You’re Cold Calling

Cold Calling, Donald Kelly, Donald C KellyHave you ever done cold calling and were faced with a situation that you least expected, or worse, that you haven’t prepared for? How did you handle those times?

Check out this scenario:

I went to this particular website and downloaded their white paper. I received a phone call from one of their reps and they asked about by sales team and he eventually was trying to sell me. I told him I was not the sales manager, but one of the sales reps of the organization. From that point on, he got nervous and practically didn’t know what to do. He asked me if he could email the details to me so I could send it over to my boss and see if they’re interested. And I said yes.

Do you think I really sent that email over to my boss? Heck no!

Do you think what the sales rep did was a good case of cold calling? Double heck no!

So, here are the top 3 things you need to remember and apply when doing cold calls:

  1. Be prepared before you make a call.

Do some research and look up the company. Look at LinkedIn and see if you can look at your prospect’s information and see his/her role within the organization.

  1. Be cool.

Just chill. Relax before you start getting all panicky. Use a script to help you get those words out and have them become your own language so they become a part of you. Internalize the script. Change it according to your particular situation.

  1. Have a plan for the unexpected.

Recognize that you’re going to have objections. Recognize that you may not speak to the manager all the time. What are you going to do when you confront these challenges? What questions are you going to ask? What alternatives are you going to take?


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