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Sales Process, Jamaica, Step by Step

TSE 739: Sales From The Street-“Step-by-Step”

Sales Process, Jamaica, Step by StepOn today’s Sales from the Street episode, I share our experience going to Jamaica, particularly, what it’s like literally selling on the street of Jamaica and how you can apply some of these strategies into your sales process.

Although everyone is selling the same thing what makes each shop different comes down to the individuals.

The 2 Types of Sellers

There are two types of sellers. The first one is the pushy type who wants the prospect to take the biggest bite at first glance. The other seller is someone who wants the prospect to take a step by step approach.

Step by Step Selling

So this lady in Jamaica did this step by step approach in selling.

First, she invited us to step inside the shop to go and look around. (This way you know their likelihood of purchasing goes up.)

Second, she recognized that as a male, I might need a wallet. So she gave me something she thought I would like and let me hold it. (Recognizing the pain.)

Then, she tried to convert us. Naturally, I asked for the price and she gave out the price.

The problem here is that I wasn’t in need of that particular product. But I realized this lady literally followed a sales process.

Another lady used this same process and we ended up buying things from her.

Lessons You Can Apply into Your Sales Cycle:

1. Let them know you exist.

Let them know there is a problem. What is the first step you should do with each of your sales?

2. Break down the things the prospect has to recognize.

Don’t focus on selling. Just set the appointment, Instead, sell the appointment. Then sell the pain and then from there you go on and on until you get to the product itself.

Focus on those simple steps and they will get your further than where you started.

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