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Donald Kelly.

TSE 550: TSE Hustler’s League-“Great Presentations”

Donald Kelly.

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How are you bringing value to the table? How do you make yourself stand out from the pack? This week, we pulled out yet another snippet from one of our previous sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League where we talked about building value, specifically about giving great presentations.

There are basically two problems that I’ve seen with many salespeople giving presentations. First, they only give what they want to give. Second, they give presentations at the wrong time. And when you do these things, you don’t actually get what you want to get. So what do you have to do?

Strategies for Giving Great Presentations:

  1. The Discovery Meeting

After grabbing a prospect’s attention and you’ve set a discovery meeting, this is clearly an opportunity for you to dig in deeper and discover more about the client. So you have to come prepared with some questions which are questions your prospects will be happy you asked them. Ask them questions that help build value, that help them to think, and help them to realize they need it, and ultimately, help them want to buy from you rather than you trying to sell them.

One of the biggest mistakes of people giving presentations is failure to have this discovery meeting. And once they’ve presented, the clients would just tell them they’d keep in touch. So please… never skip this part of the process. Take notes!

  1. A Creative Alternative

Sometimes, people want to really want to see what you have and get an understanding. This is where a 5-minute demonstration would come in handy. For example, have a video on your website or a video you can send them. The key thing to remember is to not waste your time with people who are not qualified. If they don’t have a problem you can solve or they don’t have the money, you’re going to be wasting your time with that meeting. So give them an alternative by creating a simple video on your website to give them the opportunity to see what you can offer. Give them value.

  1. The Demonstration Mode

There are several things to keep in mind when giving presentations. Again, be sure to take notes after each discovery meeting which you can utilize for the next meeting. This is the key to customizing your presentation.

Here are examples of the things you want to find out during your discovery meeting:

  • Their pain
  • What they want to know or learn
  • How you can help them
  • What they’ve done so far and what they’re currently doing
  • Who their ideal customers are and how to find them

Using these pieces of information, utilize their words and their verbiage and put that in your presentation.

  1. Starting Off with a Compliment

Start off your presentations by complimenting them in a genuine way. Find out things about them on their website or look up their social media accounts or do a quick Google search about their company. Look for anything you can compliment them on. This shows them that you did your research and this makes them feel good about themselves. As human beings, we want to feel important and cared for.

  1. Complimenting Your Champion

Anyone who tried to help you get into an organization is your champion and be sure to compliment them to make them feel good as well. Share something which they did and that would make them feel good being given compliments in front of their peers.

  1. It’s Not About You!

Never forget to review the agenda of what you’re going over. The goal is to get people from Point A to Point B. Do not over-complicate presentations and talk all about yourself. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Focus your presentations on your prospects.

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TSE 412: Why I Stopped Using PowerPoint In Sales Meetings

Powerpoint, Sales Presentation, Demo, ValueWhat do you usually use to give a sales presentation? PowerPoint by default, yeah? And doesn’t it get too old and boring now? Today, I’m sharing with you why I actually stopped using PowerPoint several years ago and how I got converted to a more remarkable tool.

So you see I switched from using PowerPoint (PPT) to Prezi. Prezi is an interactive presentation software that customers will actually enjoy and definitely remember.

My Prezi Experience

I got tired of using the same, old, boring slide presentations. So I used Prezi while I was doing presentations when I was hustling back in the world of software sales. It was something that our competitors weren’t doing so it made us stand out from the pack. And I’ve used Prezi since then.

The other day, I gave a keynote presentation in New Orleans through Prezi and people came up to me afterwards to ask about the tool I was using. It simply blew them away! It offered them an experience and they came back for more. They wanted to learn more and go further. Basically, it made me stand out against everyone else.

How Prezi can help you put out awesome presentations:

  • It helps you differentiate yourself from what everybody else is doing.
  • It helps you tell a story that several other tools can’t.
  • You can use whiteboard features where you can tell a story and build on something.
  • It helps your prospects become more engaged and be able to understand complex things a bit easier because their broken down into a simpler process.
  • People remember you for it because of the rich experience you’re able to deliver.

Now if you’re going to do the same old slide deck that everyone else is doing and doing the same thing – talking about your company history, mission statement, and whatnot, that’s totally going to drown you out since you’re not any different than the rest.

You need to STAND OUT from the pack.

Need help? Feel free to connect with me. The folks over at Prezi have a free demonstration that you can get. Simply go to

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The Three Value Conversations by Erik Peterson, et al.

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TSE 020: Discover the Secret to Effective Sales Presentations with Patricia Fripp!

Patricia Fripp

Patricia came to this country from England as a young 20 year old with $500 as a hair stylist and soon realized that she needed to do “BIG THINGS”. Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE is a CPAE Hall of Fame keynote speaker, business presentation expert, sales presentation skills trainer, and highly sought-after executive speech coach. Named “One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America” by Meetings and Conventions magazine, Patricia delivers high-energy, high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations.

For over 25 years, Patricia has transformed sales teams and coached executives on how to deliver dynamic and inspiring presentations. She delights and entertains audiences while delivering practical, personalized content and consistently exceeds client expectations.

Patricia’s most in-demand topics include:

  •  Preparing and Presenting Powerful Presentations. Effective speaking skills can mean life or death. Learn to start, structure, tell stories, and connect with every audience.
  • Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets. How many more sales could your sales professionals make if they stopped making stupid mistakes and started giving awesome presentations?
  • Opportunity Does Not Knock Once. Opportunity does not knock once; it knocks every time we hear the sound. To maximize opportunities we need to reflect on past experiences, acknowledge successes, and develop new habits.
  • Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to Senior Management. If you have brilliant ideas but lack the confidence to share them, you will never receive the credit you deserve. Learn career-building strategies that get the attention of upper management and have a long-term impact on your career.

Some of the major take aways from Patricia are:

  • Mom said “who you hang around with is going to make a great difference on what happens to you”
  • Always listen to your customers and offer what “THEY NEED”
  • Product knowledge is important, client research is important, but sales people need to know “what” to say when they are in front of their prospects
  • The first comment when giving a presentation is to congratulate the client and say something nice         about them
  • Thank them for the “opportunity to discuss (your service here)”, NOT “thank you for the time”. Everyone else thanks them for the time, you want to be different
  • Then thank your “white knight”, the person championing the project who has brought you this part of       the project
  • Setting the structure of the presentation is based on what information your “white knight” or champion gives you
  • Whenever you give a presentation you must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Rehearsal is the word and performance is the presentation
  • Know your intro and closing like the back of your hand

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TSE 019: Keys To A Championship Presentation From “Ryan Avery”

Ryan Avery - Keynote SpeakerDuring this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking. Ryan is currently a professional speaker working with audiences all over the world. In our conversation, Ryan offers great tips that you can apply to advanced your ability to deliver a great presentation.

Some of the things Ryan shares are:

  • Break the ice by showing you are vulnerable (laugh at yourself)
  • Know your audience by learning about each individual who will be in the room
  • When seeking to connect with your audience, dress to relate not to impress
  • When preparing for a presentation, you are always developing and refining it
  • How you practice will determine how you play
  • When giving a presentation make it simple, impactful and relatable
  • When giving a presentation show that you are human
  • Differentiate yourself by being YOU! This will give you an edge over your competitors because they can’t be you!
  • PowerPoint should not have more than 10 words. Ryan recommends the use of videos instead of pictures sometimes
  • Focus on ONE message that you want your audience to get

These are some very practical tips and advice that any of us can begin implementing today to see a difference. Please try them and let me know how effective it was for you.

You can stay in touch with Ryan via his contact information below:

Website: “How to Be a Speaker”

Twitter: “How to Be a Speaker”

Facebook: “How to Be a Speaker”

Check out Ryan’s New Book: