TSE 1032: Why AT&T Customer Service Caused Me To Switch Providers

On today’s episode, I share why sellers must stay focused on their customers, and why AT&T customer service caused me to switch providers. My phone was disconnected. I couldn’t receive [...]

TSE 589: Sales From The Street-“Remember Their Name”

Have you ever experiencing talking within someone and 5-10 minutes down the conversation, you actually don’t remember their name? Imagine this scenario with your client, asking what’s [...]

TSE 557: When Should I NOT Bring on a Client?

How about cherry-picking customers to make sure you get the right actual ones? Today, I’m answering the question: When do you now NOT to bring on a client? So here are some signs that you [...]

TSE 449: Sales From The Street-“Your Signature Experience”

Sales and marketing play a very critical role in any business, but being able to provide a remarkable customer experience is what will eventually keep them coming back. It’s all about experience. [...]

TSE 427: Sell The Way They Buy!

There’s something I want to propose to you, sell the way that your clients like to buy. It’s a simple but often overlooked principle by many businesses. Many companies focus on the [...]

TSE 276: The Little Things Matter The Most With Customer Service

I just had a bad experience this week and I want to share it with you because I want to emphasize the value of giving your customers what they need and treating your customers well. You see, I [...]