TSE 994: Sales From The Street-“Don’t Trick Them”

Josh Cunningham, founder and CEO of rokrbox,  fast-tracked his entrepreneurial career by helping to solve a recurring problem for real estate clients and learning an important lesson along the [...]

TSE Blog 024: 7 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Company’s CRM

First things first: your company needs a CRM. But before you leap into something new, keep in mind these 7 considerations when choosing your company’s CRM. Your company’s CRM extends [...]

TSE 526: How to Build a Sales Team that Contributes to Long-Term Customer Success

Sometimes we tend to overlook the impact of treating our customers right when in fact it’s one of the most critical things to having long-term customer success. Your customers should not merely [...]

TSE 509: Sales From The Street-“Administrative Tasks Are Annoying”

Salespeople hate doing a bunch of administrative work. Who wants to do that stuff anyway? We only want to get out there and do what we do best. We want to sell. Today’s guest is Patrick [...]

TSE 356: Activity Based Selling With Pipedrive

Are you doing the things you need to be doing to close that sale? Or are you doing too many things that you’re actually getting off track? Or is the goal to close that deal putting too much [...]

TSE 300: Is Sales Enablement Working For You?

The concept of sales enablement is pretty much becoming a buzzword in the sales world today, but what is it exactly? Mr. Enablement here is going to give us great new insights into that. TK is [...]

TSE 164: Donald Part Three of Sales Tools

Today I will share with you the final part of my top three sales tools. This week is another HubSpot tool. It’s the HubSpot CRM. The greatest thing about this tool is that it’s free [...]

TSE 136: Stop Your Voodoo Selling…It Does Not Work!

Are you a voodoo seller? Are you relying on crystal balls, bones and feathers, and teabags to know whether you would hit this month’s goals or not? Well, been there and done that and I’m telling [...]

TSE 104: Secret Nuggets In Lost Opportunities

No, sometimes you are going to get this from a customer. Even worse sometimes the deal you have been working on for months will be awarded to another company. To most sellers this is devastating [...]

TSE 062: One Major Thing Most Salespeople Hate About Sales!

One of the big plagues for sellers is taking notes or updating accounts in their CRM (Customer Relations Management). Many of us love to visit with clients and prospects to learn their [...]