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TSE 688: How I Grew Our Revenue to 120k MRR with Outbound/Cold Email

Still struggling with doing cold emails?

Our guest today is Mike Hardenbrook, the co-founder of Growth Geeks, a marketplace vetted for freelance marketers or geeks.

He is also one of the individuals behind Growth Hacker TV, an educational resource for startups to acquire monetization information and to grow the user base.

Mike has a lot of great insights and great strategies. Today, we’re going to talk about how he was able to help his organization grow their monthly recurring revenue to $120,000.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Mike:

The process SDRs follow at Mike’s company:

  • Have the right messaging.
  • Show the right benefits.
  • Either agitate the problem or provide the benefit they want to see.
  • Have a good lead source in sending those messages out.
  • Use the right technology that will allow you to run analytics and tests.
Strategies in finding lead sources:
  • Use lead sources either through scraping or through data sources.
  • Drop them into your messaging.
  • Deliver your messaging two ways: house delivery system and another platform
  • Move them into your website to opt in for a trial or lead them to a phone sales call
How Mike hit the 100k mark:
  • They hit it in 18 months from product launch.
  • They concentrated the offer to avoid “analysis paralysis.”
  • Finding more leads and sending more emails and expanding the workforce
How to overcome your fear of picking up the phone:
  • The stigma is that you’re going to piss off a bunch of people. That’s the case if your messaging sucks and if your product isn’t something they want.
  • Show them what they need or want or could use to make their life or business better. Reach out with the right messaging along with the right product and they’re going to thank you for reaching out to them.
  • Do it right and people will respond.
Strategies for reaching out through cold email:
  • Try not to exceed five sentences.
  • Don’t write anything you won’t send a friend.
  • Keep it very casual.
  • Address the fact you don’t know each other or that it’s random.
  • Get right into the benefit of what you could offer them.
  • Be clear on having a call to action in the end.
  • The only answer to your call to action should only be yes or no.
How to personalize your email and scale:
  • It depends on the type of business.
  • Add personality to the email that is unique to them.
  • Ex. They sent out badges to a specific city. And they pulled in a weather API for that city, notifying them about the weather.
  • Be creative.

Mike’s Major Takeaway:

Set aside an hour for two weeks and in that hour, get some leads. Write an email and send it. See how that response goes. Just keep doing it. And in two-week’s times, you’re going to have a cumulative result and it’s either you get replies or non at all. Know first whether it’s something that would work for you. Don’t make it complicated just yet. Keep it simple. Give it a try and stay consistent. Identify some opportunities. Start thinking how you can dive in as a channel for your sales process.

Episode Resources:

Shoot Mike an email at

If you’re interested in how Mike can help you, check out

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