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The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Top Performer, Salesperson

TSE Blog 007: 10 Qualities A Top Performing Salesperson Must Possess

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Top Performer, SalespersonAccording to a Sales Benchmark Index report, only 13% of salespeople produce 87% of the sales in a typical organization. So what does this small pie of high achievers have that others don’t?

Here are the top 10 qualities of top salespeople:

  1. Top salespeople are aggressive.

Top sellers are aggressive but not jerks. They are go-getters. They never fail to follow up with their clients. They are not just persistent, but also consistent. Rejection is not a word in their vocabulary. Instead, they see rejection as an opportunity for them to step up to the plate.  

  1. Top salespeople are optimistic.

Top sellers exude confidence and positivity. An optimistic person is someone who still sees a positive light even when surrounded by negativity. Sellers who are optimistic are solution-focused.

  1. Top salespeople are empathic.

They build relationships and trust by being genuine. They listen well.

  1. Top salespeople are curious.

Great sellers ask great questions. They ask intelligent questions that enable customers to discover the root cause of their problem and ultimately identify what they really need.

  1. Top salespeople constantly keep in touch.

Successful salespeople stay in contact with their customers even when they’ve already closed new businesses. They realize they need to take care of and nurture their existing customers by keeping in touch with them either by sending thank you notes and birthday cards or sending email newsletters on a regular basis.

  1. Top salespeople are ultra-focused.

Top sales performers set goals and accomplish each goal with systems and processes in place. Their discipline and determination to get the work done are unwavering.

  1. Top salespeople are hardworking.

High sales achievers always come prepared. They make sure they know who their customer is by doing the research. They plan before each call and they have a script – not the one that’s simply uttered word for word but they customize and tweak it according to the flow of conversation. They always strive to be better than their best. They rise above mediocrity.

  1. Top salespeople take responsibility for their decisions.

Salespeople with the highest caliber are not scared to own up to their mistakes. They take responsibility for them. They don’t make excuses. They do not blame other people and instead direct their attention on fixing the problem.

  1. Top salespeople are fueled by passion.

Passionate salespeople don’t see their work merely as a job, but as something they know could impact other people’s lives. They believe in it so much that it reflects on how they carry out their tasks every day and deal with people.

  1. Top salespeople bring value.

Successful salespeople do not sell. They offer great value to the table. They help solve their customer’s problem and help eradicate their customer’s pain points. The sales they get only comes as a bonus.

Not having these qualities does not mean you can’t learn them. It takes a firm decision to be good. It takes practice to get better. It takes consistency to be the best.

Close like a beast; Tom Ricciuti

TSE 132: Start Closing Like a BEAST!

Close like a beast; Tom RicciutiIn this episode, I had the honor of interviewing Tom Ricciuti who is a sales coach, author, host of the weekly business show TomTalk, and keynote speaker on a mission to exorcise negativity; inspiring people to abandon average and dominate like beasts!
Tom is known for his acumen on coaching sales professionals on how to dominate; not compete. His approach to selling and closing continues to garner quantifiable growth in each and every endeavor for his clients. Tom feels like there is no better matrix to measure results than the repeat business of clients and a healthy referral program. To do this, Tom has created the ultimate sales training platform for his clients. 


As we go through this episode, Tom and I discuss one of  his other programs, “Close Like a Beast”. Now, to “Close Like a Beast” is a life style and a way. Tom took this concept and implemented it in the course he has created to help sellers gain greater confidence in closing sales. Tom believes, “you’re never too old to learn and you’re never too old to get better.”

Here are some of the take away from our conversation.

  • Lack of confidence comes from a lack of confidence in the company they work for, the product/service they offer, or themselves.
  • Negativity feeds on fear and low confidence. When you remove fear, negativity flees and confidence can grow.
  • To help with growing your confidence, you must practice everyday. Just like top athletes who practice and work with a proper coaching staff. As a seller, we need to treat our sales performance like top performing athletes
  • Always have a good attitude, it is never too late to learn and grow.
  • Salespeople need to take responsibility for themselves and not point fingers at others.
  • When you find that you are falling into the quicksand of negativity, you need to stop making excuses and ask for help
  • EOS– Explanation of Service…this is something every seller needs to have. You need to get to the point quickly so that the buyer can see the value and close themselves.
  • Have your sales pitch or explanation of service totally focused on the prospect and make them feel that you care about them.
  • Learn to instill certainty in your prospects through a video testimonial from a third party. You can use this at the end of your sales cycle when a prospect is not quite sure they want to go with you.
  • The number one thing a manager can do to help their sales team is to inspire them with a purpose. They need to have an individual purpose and a company purpose.

Best way to stay in contact with Tom: 

Twitter: @Tom Ricciuti


Video Series: TomTalk 

Close Like a Beast

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