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TSE 311: How To Get And Keep Your Competitive Advantage In Today’s Nosey Digital World

Markerting, Donald Kelly, Sales Podcast, Justin ChristiansonOne major weapon that every salesperson must keep loaded in their artillery is to have that competitive advantage in today’s noisy digital world. So I’m bringing Justin Christianson on the show today to share his expertise on this exact topic. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, and author.

Justin has been in the digital marketing space for 14 years now and has had his own fair share of failures and successes. He has basically become the go-to guy when it comes to implementation, optimization, and how all those pieces work together. Born out of such demand, Justin has created Conversion Fanatics where they help companies split test and find out more about their visitors as well as increase results from their paid advertising channels.

Listen in to find out how you can gain that competitive advantage to keep yourself ahead of the pack.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Justin:

What is competitive advantage in the digital sense?

Being able to stand out of the very noisy digital space and get in front of more of your target audience rather than competing

Steps you must do to keep yourself afloat:

Understand your metrics.

  • You have to know how well you perform in whatever channel you’re on. Where are your visitors coming from? Where are they going? Where are they falling off? The analytical data will help you understand that. Many large companies or salespeople do not really understand their metrics as they should.

Examples of major metrics to use:

  • How much are you paying to acquire that lead or customer?
  • How much is that customer worth to you?

How to keep track of data:

  • Go old school and use spreadsheets.
  • For Facebook advertising, look at what every action is worth to you depending on where the conversion pixel is placed and match that up with the rest of the funnel.
  • Google analytics and CRM solution

Look for ways you can be different.

  • Don’t have the same marketing message. You have your own differentiator and make sure you’re able to educate people about what it is.

Lead with “what’s in it for my customer?”

  • Stop thinking about how great your product or service is. Instead, tie that back into your marketing message and relate your features to your benefits. Sometimes you get so hung up with how your product is so awesome that you forget why the visitor is on your website in the first place. Always tie it back to how it’s going to benefit the visitor. 

Find leverage points.

  • Understand what your competitor is doing and how they’re positioning themselves in the market. Then you’d be able to see trends and understand what the audience is responding to.

What works in social media to help you differentiate yourself:

Consultative selling

  • Educate people about what the problem is and identify it right off the bat then offer your product or service as a solution
  • Higher volume, lower quality conversion
  • Cheaper traffic
  • B2B vs. B2C

Justin’s Major Takeaway:

Pay attention to your metrics and pay attention to your visitors and give them what they want.

Episode Resources:

Conversion Fanatics


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TSE 222: Do Newsletters Still Work?

Jim Palmer, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Newsletter, Donald Kelly

If you think physical newsletters are now obsolete, then perhaps you need to reconsider. Think about it. Not too many people are sending out physical mail nowadays. Everybody else is sending emails and other virtual stuff. And as what I’ve always mentioned again and again, going the opposite direction is key to generating more sales. Set yourself apart from what everybody else is doing.

That’s why I’m bringing in the amazing Jim Palmer on the show today. Jim Palmer is a sales connoisseur having extensive retail experience over the years. He started his business in October 2001, writing and designing newsletters for various companies. Five years later, he has created a multiple 6-figure businesses, realizing that he actually created a mammoth job without any lifestyle considering he was doing pretty much everything in that company.

Starting over again, Jim now runs several internet-based businesses including two yearly live events called Dream Business Academy and a coaching program for entrepreneurs called Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program.

Jim is sharing a big chunk of really good insights throughout the show so I figured inserting some of his quotes here in the show notes would be nice.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jim:

The importance of growing your business through current customers:

“The most expensive thing for any business, is the cost of acquiring a customer.” – Jim Palmer

  • Many salespeople think that increasing profits through higher sales is synonymous with more new customers.
  • Proactively engage your current customers
  • Build stronger relationships with them and they will refer more.
  • Create a visual way to illustrate how much money you’re leaving on the table.
  • Track your customers (like a CRM or Excel spreadsheet)

Strategies for customizing your newsletter:

  1. Send a printed newsletter.

Not everybody does this anymore. The mere fact you do that will reap gold for you. Why? You remain top-of-mind.

“It’s not your customer’s job to remember your name. It’s your job to remind them and the best way to do that is with a newsletter every month.” – Jim Palmer

  1. Do the 80/20 and offer something more special.

What 20% of your customers are producing 80% of the profits? Add inserts to your newsletter and offer something more special to your best customers. (Ex. coupon for 10% off next purchase)

“People appreciate loyalty and they appreciate being recognized as loyal.” – Jim Palmer

The “sales prevention” mentality

You gotta listen to Jim’s story of a Florida artist who has this “sales prevention mentality.”

“People who are in business are in the business of selling. I don’t care if you think you’re a salesman or not. You need to sell.” – Jim Palmer

Jim’s Major Takeaway:

“You will earn significantly more revenue and income for who you are than what you do.”

“Your job is to be seen as the go-to person that they want.”

“It’s all about who you are, how you brand yourself, and how you market yourself that’s going to help you be successful.”
Jim has a free gift to all ye TSE listeners (that’s what I’m talking about!) – get his report on 3 Little Known Secrets to Working Less, Selling Less, but Making More at www.getjimpalmer.com/donald

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TSE 221: Sales From The Street- “Hustling to Find Business”

TSE 221: Sales From The Street- "Hustling to Find Business"

Today’s guest on Sales From the Street is my good friend, Rom “The Tutorpreneur” Jean-Baptiste. He is an entrepreneur and a true hustler, that’s why he absolutely deserves a spot on this show.

As a Special Education teacher in New York City, Rom didn’t have any prior experience in entrepreneurship whatsoever but he wanted to earn extra income so he eventually founded the RJB Educational Services, which provides in-home tutoring services in New York City and Long Island and where he also serves as the Chief Education Consultant for five years now.

Some challenges Rom faced as he was starting out:

  1. Getting clients when they first started.
  2. Rom had no experience in entrepreneurship.

Strategies Rom took to overcome those challenges (which you can also apply to yourself):

  1. Research.

Read books on marketing and sales as well as listen to YouTube videos and podcasts.

  1. Know your ideal clients.
  • Once you define your ideal clients, you can market correctly.
  • Ask yourself, “Who wants your service.” (Not who needs it but who wants it).
  • Know where they hang out whether it’s a certain place (beauty salon, shopping centers, etc.) or in social media.
  • Be present wherever your ideal clients are because you need to know what the conversation is all about.

In short, learn the language of your ideal client.

  1. Create a sales system.

Create a system that not only brings in the clients, but also, retains clients.

What made a big impact on Rom’s business today?


  • Focus on copywriting.
  • Write down what clients would understand on your flyers and relate with them once they visit your website.

Strategies for effective copywriting to help you in sales:

  1. Understand your client’s language.

Understanding their pain points helps you define their problems better than they are able to define those problems. Once you’ve identified them, you placed yourself as an authority. Create your avatar and know what their challenges are. Understand your client avatar and how you can better serve them. Know where they are hanging out online or offline and be there wherever that is.

Clients usually want to know that:

  1. You provide convenience
  2. You provide flexibility
  3. You care about the job and are willing to do everything in your power to make it happen.
  4. You’re there for them whenever they need you.

Rom’s Major Takeaway:

Invest in yourself. There are a lot of free resources out there and you don’t need to spend money to invest in yourself. Listen to YouTube or podcasts.


Connect with Rom on Facebook or on Instagram @rom_jb or email him at thetutorpreneur101@gmail.com.

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TSE 183: Sales From The Street-“You Have To Do Better”

Sales Person, Cold Calling, Cristina Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast , Donald KellySales people always have a difficult time getting past the gate keeper and speaking with the decision maker. Many times they don’t know that they sound like to everyone else and as such, come off as a “salesperson”…Someone who is interrupting the potential customer’s day, trying to sell some thing they don’t need.

Obviously as a seller, we know that’s not exactly the case, however, its the perception that the “potential buyer” has! That perception to them is reality and thus will always be a hindrance to a seller’s success unless they can prove to the gatekeeper of the decision maker aka “potential customer” otherwise.

For this episode I brought on my wife, Cristina Kelly, to share some of her thoughts on what sellers should and should NOT do as they are prospecting. She has the opportunity to work closely with executives in her company and as such, get’s plenty of requests, soliciting opportunities to speak with the decision maker. Listen to some of her thoughts.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to comment and share them in our private Facebook Group “The Sales Evangelizers”…Come join the discussion, click here. 

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TSE 155: How To Come Off The Winning Vendor!

Winning Vendor, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly With more and more customers being educated on products and services, many are doing a large amount of research before they ever engage with the sales professional. This process allows them to make more informed decisions. A natural by-product of this process is the fact that customers are speaking with much more vendors to evaluate them to see if they have what they are looking for.

So what does this mean for you? Competition is getting stiff and you’re going to have to bring your A-Game. I’m sure your company has some procedures in place to remedy these types of situations, but are they working effectively for you?  I have worked with companies that had nothing in place. I had to rely on the school of the hard knocks and it was not easy. This is why I decided to do this episode and offer what I’ve learned which increased my chances of coming off as the winning vendor. Here they are below:

  1. Be proactive and ask “What other vendors are you looking at for this project?” (We know they are looking already)
  2. Learn the criteria they’ve developed for the selection of a vendor or what elements they are looking for in a product
  3. Ask follow up questions to get to the root of the situation and ask if the criteria you’ve selected is a deal breaker or which ones can you live without?
  4. Offer a progress sheet or evaluation sheet to review vendors and their capabilities
  5. Stay in communication with them
  6. Ask them to look at your company again after they’ve peeked at the other competitors

This sounds very basic, but it works. The more I sell the more I realize that it’s not a complicated matter, we just try to complicate it. Keep it simple and you’ll see great results. Check out this episode and let me know if it helps you. As always, go out and do BIG THINGS!

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