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Martin Clay, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing one of our Sales Evangelizers! Martin Clay applied a sales presentation method he learned from one of our guests, Patricia Fripp (TSE 020), and was able to see remarkable success in the first application.

Martin is a medical equipment sales representative, selling to clients in the North American market. The challenge he faced was the fact that every time he met with doctors to do a sales presentation, it was inevitably always in the afternoon, after lunch, and the doctors would fall asleep during the presentation or get “pages” and had to go. This left his presentation feeling unfulfilling and incomplete.
As Martin listened to our podcast and heard Patricia Fripp, he found a better way to demonstrate his product that was guaranteed to engage the listener and cause them to recognize more value.
As you listen to the episode, you will hear the steps Martin used to see remarkable success. Here a few of them below:
-Don’t thank them for their time, thank them for the opportunity to be there
-Congraulate them on something they have accomplished
-Publicly recognize your champion
-Clearly paint a picture of the challenges
-Present viable solutions
-Encourage them to take action
Martin’s major takeaways:
Follow the process and incorporate it! These steps will drastically change your results right away.
Remember, until you apply what you have learned, NOTHING will happen!
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