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Though it might be true that everyone could benefit from your product or service, not everyone will. If your sales team focuses its efforts on the wrong prospects, your sellers will waste precious time and effort that could be directed to the prospects who truly need your help.

Wasted effort means wasted money, inconsistent sales, and burnout among your sellers. Eventually, they’ll likely leave for better opportunities of their own, which will ultimately cost you money on-boarding their replacements.

In fact, many companies worry that they’ll pay for sales training, only to watch their reps leave for other positions. They fail to consider what will happen if they don’t train sales reps who ultimately decide to stay.

In my own sales career, I was fortunate to join a company that invested in my sales training. That one-time investment resulted in a $30,000 deal immediately afterward, with countless other deals that followed.

Bryan Orr

Donald worked one-on-one to give them the confidence to do a really great job for us.

When I hired a sales staff, Donald worked one-on-one to give them the confidence to do a really great job for us. Having a professional sales staff trained to sell and serve customers and build relations with them has been the single biggest thing that has changed in our business.

Brian Orr  //  CEO

Your sales success depends largely on your sales activities and your team’s ability to identify the best opportunities. Sellers who engage with qualified prospects will generate a reliable pipeline because they’ll quickly disqualify those customers who aren’t a good fit. Our team will help you generate more opportunities by:

Here's How It Works

How it works Step 1

Identify Sales Challenges

Assess your sales team and identifying the biggest challenges hindering sales.

How it works Step 2

Select Your Program

Identify the best training program for your team or design a customized one.

How it works Step 3

Deliver Training

Deliver the training and offer ongoing refinement group coaching for repeatable growth.

When your sellers have the tools required to succeed, they’ll be more successful in their efforts. Their confidence will climb and the team’s morale will go with it. The process will consistently evolve as their confidence and their success feed each other. You will be able to finally focus on helping your company thrive as your team can now consistently sell on their own.

Training Programs

TSE Sales Foundation

TSE Sales Foundation 

Seller will learn effective prospecting habits, how to build stronger value and close faster. This is a12 hours training program. Delivery can be done remotely or in person. 

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Customized Training

Customized Training 

For our customized training, we will analyze your current sales process and offer assessments to identify areas of improvement. We then design a personalized program for your team.

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When your sellers understand the value of sales fundamentals, they’ll be more inclined to stick to the established process. Sales reps who follow your sales process will generate more opportunities and create a more predictable pipeline.

Understand that, whether you realize it or not, you’re devoting resources to sales training. If you don’t devote resources to professional sales training, you’ll still spend money to develop your reps. The difference is that your higher-paid sales leaders will be required to do the work themselves, while they juggle countless other responsibilities.

If success demands that you devote resources to training, which option makes the most sense?

Jim Henderson

We saw a 200% increase with our investment.

We hired Donald and his team to help us generate an outbound strategy to generate leads for our organization. We worked with his team for 3 months and, as a result, saw a 200% increase with our investment.

Jim Henderson  //  MedEZ

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