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Sales Stigma, Donald Kelly, Jordan Quast Today’s guest is Jordan Quast, an operations supervisor at Mountain America Credit Union,  a local credit union based in Salt Lake City, Utah with branches in Arizona and New Mexico. He works at the branch level focusing on two major areas: overall branch operations and sales.

Jordan shares with us the struggles he had with sales, how they affected him, and what he did to finally overcome them.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jordan:

Jordan’s major sales struggles that he had:

  • The feeling that “Sales is bad.” – the stereotypical “used car” salesman
  • Sales as product-driven
  • Fear in sales

Where he got the stigma of sales:

Being a part of a group that thinks the same

How this affected him:

Missing out on a lot of opportunities

How Jordan overcame this stigma:

  1. Recognizing the problem
  • Enrolled in an entrepreneurship program in college
  • His dream was to start a business and help people in any way he could
  1. Doing something about it
  • He had to figure out what sales was about so he took an introductory class into sales
  • He discovered it was something he could do so he eventually changed his major from entrepreneurship to professional sales
  1. Asking for help
  • Getting access to different resources (reading materials, teachers and mentors)

Jordan’s Major Takeaway:

    • Sales is a good thing. It’s about people.
  • “Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers.”
  • Build that trust. Learn about your customer. Find that solution.

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