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Sales From The Street “Sales Slump”, Eric Smith, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast This weeks “Sales from the Street” segment features a great friend of mine, Eric Smith, who is a sales professional with a money management firm. With these segments, we interview a seller who had a particular sales struggle, discovered a solution, and saw results. During our discussion Eric shares how he fell into a “sales slump” that tremendously affected his ability to perform as a seller, his personal life and his overall confidence.

But like any other challenge in life, there is always a solution or means to fix it. Eric recognized that this was something he needed to overcome and took matters into his own hands. He rediscovered his purpose, sharpened his sword by practicing his message, and got back in the game. He saw tremendous success and had a major attitude shift. As a sales professional, we all face challenges like these once in a while, however, it’s important for us to recognize it and make the changes ASAP. If you would like to stay connected with Eric, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Eric Smith, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Sales Podcast

If you are going through a slump or need some motivation and advice with sales related challenges, connect with our community at “The Sales Evangelizers” on Facebook. Come take a peek for yourself.

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If you have a personal sales struggle you were able to overcome and would like to be a guest, reach out to here at

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