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Rapid Sales Expert, Sales Coach, Matthew Pollard, Donald KellyStill struggling with your sales script? Or, don’t tell me, you still haven’t included a script in your sales process? Well folks, it bears repeating that using a script is very important. Matthew Pollard is our guest today who has a lot to say about using scripts, differentiating yourself, finding your niche, and unifying your message.

Matthew Pollard is the Rapid Growth Expert. He has worked with clients from top 50 podcasters to multinational organizations to small one-man operations who can’t get their sales in the door so they need how to get a sales system or script right.

Matthew focuses on increasing the statistical average of the number of sales by creating a systematic and scripted process that works for acquiring customers. So even if you cold call a customer, you translate that into a sale.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Matthew:

How to perfect your sales pitch delivery:


Practice and deliver it back to front continuously so it becomes who you are. Leave things out that don’t get the reactions you like and add additional things that make people laugh more or get them more engaged.

The only times when your script varies:

  • The way you respond during the question process
  • In tailoring how your product or service fits their specific need

Common problems many salespeople make:

  • Not using a sales script because it’s robotic
  • Failure to define what differentiates them and who the customers are that they’re going to call

What makes a Rapid Growth System:

  1. Define your goals and your customer avatars.

Work out what your goals are and who your customer avatars are.

  1. Differentiation

Pick a specific person or group of people that you get the best results from and you have something unique you can provide that will differentiate you from competition

  1. Niche market

Look into the customer demographics that you can really sell to in a much more simplistic way where you don’t have as much competition. Focus on one specific niche. Go against what everyone else is doing. Offer value above something that they would never have even thought of. DO it well and be the absolute specialist at it.

  1. Sales script

You know exactly what they want because it’s a specific group of people

  1. Start with your branding first

Pick the right message. Unify it correctly with a high level. Things change and people buy into it.

How to better change your messaging:

  1. Write down three business goals and three personal goals.

Use the SMART criteria and include the WHY statement. Then write down your avatar. Use a coach to help you.

  1. Looking at your goals, look through that lens at those customers and work out who your one or two ideal customer is.
  2. Create a list of all the things you do for those people.
  3. Say what the higher purpose of this is.

Know more about these from Matthew’s podcast, Better Business Coach Podcast

Matthew’s Major Takeaway:

Put your best foot forward. Scripting is so important. If business is hard, then do it to yourself. None of the excuses matter. If you look at every successful person, they always have a back-against-the-wall story. Either create that for yourself or go about doing it. Skills are learnable. Spend time learning and harnessing them. Start today.
Check out Matthew Pollard at or connect with him on Twitter @matthewpollard_


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