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Sales Script, Donald Kelly, The Sales EvangelistShould you use a sales script or not? So many times sales professionals battle whether they should use a script or not. Many sellers feel that they are experienced enough to do without a script when they get on the phone. I was one of those individuals until I came to a better understanding of the errors of my ways and became a convert to sales scripts.

But before you get all rowelled up, let me explain what I mean by a script. I’m not a talking about reading and sounding like a robot, I’m talking about having something to follow to make each call purposeful and effective. It’s being able to have a guide so that a seller sounds more articulate, professional and as a expert in their field. Scripts allow the seller to gain more confidence from their prospects and helps them develop more confidence in themselves.

During this two part series episode I explain more about why you should consider using a script and how to create one. Here are some of the major points from part one:

  1. Why professionals use scripts (see actors, etc)
  2. Planning and having a guide is essential for important matters
  3. The more prepared you are, the greater your confidence
  4. Time saving factor or know what to say before the call
  5. You gain the trust of prospect and come off as an expert (which you are)

Obviously, there are many other benefits that one can see from using a script, but these are the most important factors I’ve come across. Stay tuned for part two as I dissect “how” to prepare a script, what you should have and what you may not need. Until then, do BIG THINGS!



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