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Today, let’s bring back the most important thing we all need to do in sales – the basics.

First on the list is having a sales meeting agenda.

You will be talking with decision-makers and for these people, time is gold (as much as yours is). So by having a clear agenda, not only will you be perceived as a professional, but also, you will have a guideline to keep the sales process on the right track and to make sure everything will be covered, thus no time to waste.

How to make a clear sales meeting agenda:

Before the meeting…

  1. Include a clear objective of what the meeting is all about.
  2. Talk with them on the phone and find out what main things they want covered in the meeting.
  3. Jot down all the things you will be covering during the meeting (preferably in bullet points).
  4. After writing the agenda, send this to them thru email along with a calendar invitation.
  5. Put a reminder alert a day before or hours before the meeting. Or call them a day before to confirm the meeting.

When you get to the meeting…

  1. Make sure and ask if it’s still a good time to meet.
  2. Recognize that you’re not a fit for everybody so if at any point they feel that you’re not a good fit for them, then they can tell you. In the same way, ask them if it’s ok to tell them that you’re not a good fit, if you feel so. This will stun them!
  3. Begin with the discussion and use the agenda as your guideline. Now you can go through your sales process.

It’s all about making a solid relationship. Think more about what the customer needs and wants so you’re able to provide them with what they need. This keeps you on track just by doing the basics.

Samples I Mentioned:

Agenda with Client and Prospects, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast                                         Agenda with Client and Prospects, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

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