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During this episode, I share a game changing tool called “SalesLoft Prospector” that will help you in your prospecting efforts.”SalesLoft Prospector” is something I’ve been using, for free, to build lists of my ideal prospects. It’s able to connect to LinkedIn and pull data of people based on search criteria I ask for.

Recently, in “The Sales Evangelizers” (our private Facebook Group), someone asked if there was a way to find people and build lists as opposed to just Googling for names or purchasing a list for thousands of dollars. Well, as you know, I love sharing value so I shared the idea of the “SalesLoft Prospector” with them. I wanted to wait to do an episode on it until I tested the tool out. Since I’ve done so, I feel confident in recommending it. Below are screen shots and two videos from the SalesLoft folks. Check it out.

Sales Loft Prospector, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Prospecting Software

Sales Loft Prospector, The Sales Evangelist, Sales Prospecting Software

Quick video overview
(Video courtesy of
Learn how to get the most from the SalesLoft Free tool

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I hope you enjoyed this tool. Tell me what you think! Click on the link below to join the conversation in our private Facebook Group or send me an email at . Overall, remember, I want you to go out and do BIG THINGS!

The Sales Evangelizers, Donald Kelly, Sales Facebook Group

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