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Sales Job Interview, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Are you looking into getting that new sales job you’ve always dreamed of? Or are you simply looking for ways to improve your selling?

In this episode, we welcome back Mike Romero as we dig deeper into how you can get that new sales job and become the best candidate and the best fit for the job.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Mike:

The Resume

How you can make your resume stand out:

  • List your contact information.
  • Write down your work history (duties, accomplishments, ways that you’ve implemented that changed things for you and the company)
  • Highlight your successes.

The Job Hunt

Mike’s top recommendations when looking for a job:

  1. Network!
  • It opens up a door of opportunities.
  • Make use of LinkedIn
  • Get your resume and LinkedIn up to date.
  1. Look up good recruitment firms in your area and partner up with them.
  • They actively work with clients looking for a talent like you and they connect the dots.
  • They can match you with a company where you are a cultural fit.
  1. Multiply your chances.
  • Apply on your own.
  • Apply on LinkedIn.
  • Apply on the company website.
  • Sign up with staffing firms.

Why register with a staffing firm vs. directly applying online?

A company may post a job online but sometimes they won’t have the time or manpower to bring in hundreds of applicants who applied on their website so they eventually reach out to the staffing partner for help.

The Interview

How can you be an ideal candidate for the company?

  1. Research the company.

Check out their website and find out more about the company.

  1. Research on the interviewer (if you happen to know who’s going to interview you)
  • This allows you to make a personal connection.
  • Use tools like Refresh app – It allows you to connect with a person on multiple social networks and be able to capture data and learn more about your interviewer.
  1. See if this is an opportunity that you’re willing to represent when you’re out there as a sales rep.
  • Can you genuinely see yourself doing it?
  • You have to fall in love with your product and believe in what you’re doing.
  1. Send the interviewer a Thank You note after the interview.
  • Old school stuff still works! They will remember you.
  • Use your best judgement on how you’re going to send it. (A handwritten note sends a humanistic touch.)
  • Make it genuine.

Get in touch with Mike Romero on LinkedIn and Twitter @mikeromero101

Episode resources:

Refresh app

Mike’s Major Takeaway:

No matter what you’re doing, you’re selling yourself first. YOU are your BEST product, image, and brand. Selling yourself can get you anywhere!

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