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Companies often delay hiring sales consultants, and perhaps with good reason. It’s daunting to invite an outsider to critique your company’s sales process. Worse yet, asking for help often feels a little like admitting defeat for sales leaders.

The alternative might be worse. Without a plan, your sales could flatline or even decrease, taking employee morale along with it. Your sellers might decide to jump ship, and the resulting high turnover among your reps will cost far more than the price of a consultant.

The truth is that the very best sales leaders can benefit from a fresh perspective and a new way of doing things. The sales industry constantly evolves, and successful teams understand the need to keep up with that change.

Jim Henderson

We saw a 200% increase with our investment.

We hired Donald and his team to help us generate an outbound strategy to generate leads for our organization. We worked with his team for 3 months and, as a result, saw a 200% increase with our investment.

Jim Henderson  //  MedEZ

If your sellers struggle to close deals on a regular basis, your sales process may be to blame. Perhaps you don’t have a sales process at all. Maybe your salespeople assume that skipping steps will lead to a faster close.

Developing a repeatable sales process will move each deal forward and create predictable growth and revenue for your team. Our sales consultants will assess your existing system to identify exactly what your team needs in order to increase revenue. 

Here's How It Works

How It works Step 1

Identify Sales Challenges

Analyze your current sales process, identify gaps, and offer quick fixes.

How It works Step 2

Design Your Solutions

Develop a unique process that will enable your team to increase sales.

How It works Step 3

Implement & Grow

Implement the new process and offer ongoing refinement and group coaching for repeatable growth.

When your sellers have the tools required to succeed, they’ll be more successful in their efforts. Their confidence will climb and the team’s morale will go with it. The process will consistently evolve as their confidence and their success feed each other. You will be able to finally focus on helping your company thrive as your team can now consistently sell on its own.

Donald was one of the main reasons for that.

…I got coaching during a really tough period and my business is back on track now. Donald was one of the main reasons for that. It was an experience I will never forget.

Asad Hassan  //  CEO

How to Transform Your Small Business Sales

Wondering why your small business isn’t growing the sales revenue you desire? There are many reasons your sales pipeline may be down, or your team just isn’t closing deals. Download ‘The Small Business Sales Transformation Guide’ free to find out how to turn this around with time-tested, proven sales techniques. 

TSE Small Business Sales

“To be successful, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

~Donald C. Kelly, The Sales Evangelist