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Equipping B2B sellers to elevate their sales results with one-on-one sales coaching

Sales Coaching 

Sales coaching can make every seller more successful, but not every sales leader has time to coach. Despite the fact that sales coaching can help sellers hit their goals and achieve repeatable success, many sales teams skip it, because there simply isn’t enough time. 

In a constantly-changing landscape, even the most successful sellers can benefit from B2B sales coaching. Just as major-league athletes train under the guidance of experienced coaches, sellers who want to improve their results understand the value of working with a seasoned sales coach. With effective sales coaching techniques, B2B sellers can become top-performing sellers who consistently achieve sales quota. 

Because your industry, your audience, and your offering differ from those of other sellers, it’s important that you understand exactly what works in your specific buying process. Sales coaching programs can help your team refine its sales activities, maximize sales results, and establish an effective sales cadence that can lead to repeatable sales success. 

Professional sales coaching works best when it’s ongoing, allowing sellers and sales leaders to thrive in an environment of accountability and encouragement. 

If you’re a sales leader who would like to increase your revenue and close more deals, The Sales Evangelist’s one-on-one sales coaching program will help you build a successful, repeatable process.

Why You Should Invest in Sales Coaching?

Sales Coaching Program

According to Hubspot, 60 percent of high-performing companies integrate sales coaching directly into their sales training programs. These companies understand that an investment in sales coaching leads to improved revenue and more deals. 

Quality sales coaching will help your reps grow as sellers and develop repeatable habits that lead to better success. Professional sales coaching will help your team understand the buyer’s journey and will equip them to engage with prospects and move them successfully through the sales cycle. 

In short, effective sales coaching will help your sellers identify the steps that work in your industry, build them into a repeatable process, and close more deals.

Sales Coaching Benefits 

Sales coaching creates better sellers in every setting and every industry. Professional sales coaching generates repeatable success, which builds confidence among sellers and inspires them to achieve even more.

Sales coaching can benefit every seller, regardless of experience level or industry, in these meaningful ways:

  • Achieve sales goals
  • Increase confidence
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Increase product knowledge
  • Understand customers better
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve prospect experience
  • Boost revenue
  • Build momentum
  • Serve customers better
  • Close more deals

Why Most Sales Coaching Techniques Don’t Work

Sales coaching techniques often fail because they focus primarily on telling sellers what to do instead of helping them discover how to do it.

Effective sales coaching should help your sellers methodically break down their sales challenges and strategically identify solutions. This will empower your reps to develop the confidence to tackle future challenges without constant oversight.

Sales coaching shouldn’t simply involve lectures that explain how to be more successful. Instead, it should bring sellers into the process so they can discover effective techniques and build them into repeatable habits.

Sales coaching only succeeds when it addresses the seller’s challenges and provides tools to overcome them. The Sales Evangelist team has worked with countless sellers across a variety of industries, so we understand the obstacles that many sellers face, and we have the experience to address them.

TSE’s sales coaching will specifically focus on your sellers’ challenges and your sellers’ growth, which will ultimately lead to your success. 

How TSE Sales Coaching Works:

Assess Sellers’ Skills

Assess sellers’ skills to identify challenges and areas needing improvement. 

Develop a Coaching Plan

Develop a unique coaching plan that will address your sellers’ needs. 

Deliver Coaching

Implement the coaching plan to improve your reps’ performance. 

In addition to being empowered to solve their own sales challenges, during our coaching sessions, your sales reps will also benefit from:

  • Sales assessments that identify your sellers’ challenges and areas that need improvement. (One at the beginning and one at the end of coaching).
  • Full video recordings of each session so they can maximize their learning.
  • Unique action plans for each coaching session based on your sellers’ individual needs.
  • Open, regular communication with a coach via email or phone.
  • Monthly updates for sales managers about the progress of their sales reps.

Our Different Types of Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

TSE’s one-on-one sales coaching helps your individual reps master the fundamentals of selling, internalize your unique sales process, and build confidence that leads to repeatable, quota-smashing sales performance.

Team Coaching

Whether your team is large or small, our group sales coaching program will help your individual sellers develop effective behaviors, internalize their sales training, and consistently perform at their maximum potential.

Deal Coaching

When it comes to deal coaching, your sales team needs an expert who knows how to consistently close big deals. Our targeted coaching sessions will help your reps strategize the best tactics to keep their deals moving and increase their chances of winning the deal.

Account Executive Coaching

TSE’s sales coaching for account executives teaches account managers to identify effective strategies, distinguish target accounts, and build powerful skills that consistently grow their accounts.


Maximize Your Sales Team's Potential

The best move I could have made for my career.

Hiring a sales coach was one of the best moves I could have made for my career. Not only did it show my company I was personally invested in my position, but it dramatically helped to get personalized training vs group training.  Donald was a tremendous asset to help me accomplish my goals."

Chaz Kochel  //  Formlabs