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The point of sales coaching is to help salespeople perform better in their roles by optimizing individual performance whether they are brand new to sales or very experienced in their career. Each of us should seek opportunities to out beat our yesterday, last month, or last year. Any great athlete understands this principle of continual increase. When I participated in track and field during high school, my goal was clear: beat my past performance.

The best way to do so was to get a coach who knew the terrain, played the sport, and understood what it to took for someone to perform well. After receiving the guidance needed, I started to perform well, made districts, and even the regional track and field competition.

Just like track and field, proper coaching can help any seller improve their performance. However, it’s important to understand that unlike sales training, coaching is more than just offering advice and giving answers. A great sales coach asks the proper questions and enables the salesperson to cognitively form conclusions and reasoning within themselves. With TSE Sales Coaching Program, you get just that.

Is Coaching For Me?

I will be the fist to tell you that our sales coaching program is not a fit for everyone. Typically, we do an initial phone call to see if an individual qualifies. Those who see the best results from our sales coaching program are new sales professionals, veteran sellers, and small business entrepreneurs. The most common issues they face are:

  1. New sales professionals who feel like they are spinning their wheels because don’t have a sales process to follow
  2. Those selling for over 4+ years who have lost the fire to sell and have fallen into a sales rut
  3. Entrepreneurs who are responsible for selling but don’t know how to sell
  4. Anyone having a hard time finding new clients
  5. Sellers who send out a lot of proposals and have a hard time getting prospects to make a decision
  6. Entrepreneurs who are afraid of coming off “too salesy” so they don’t prospect

“…I got coaching in a really tough period and fortunately, my business is back on track now and Donald was one of the main reasons for that. It was an experience I will never forget in my life.”


-Asad Hassan

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How It Works

After qualifying and receiving approved for TSE Sales Coaching program, you will be able to take a basic assessment to help both of I understand your current sales experience. We will also be able to identify the most pressing challenges holding you back improve your sales performance.

Next, we will discuss a specific outcome for our sales coaching. For example, increase my closing rate or increase the number of qualified prospects I find each week. This will enable to measure the effectiveness of coaching.

We will then identify a specific day and time to conduct our regular coaching sessions. Based on the package you select and your person needs, the frequency may vary.

Each session will take place via Skype and record so you can review as you desire. For those in south Florida, in-person coaching maybe an option as an add-on service. Each coaching session may range from 30min-60mins.

Enterprise Account Executive

    $1500 Monthly
    • 4 One Hour Skype Call Per Month
    • Full Recording of Each Session
    • Specific Action Steps
    • Full Sales Assessment
    • Personalized Sales Coaching Plan
    • Reasonable Email Communication
    • Weekly Check-In
    • 3 Months Commitment Required*
    $750 Monthly
    • 2 One Hour Skype Call
    • Recording of Each Session
    • Specific Action Step
    • Full Sales Assessment
    • Reasonable Email Communication
    • 3 Months Commitment Required*
  • From people to sales to entrepreneurship, Donald Kelly just gets it. I initially hired Donald to help hone my salesmanship and quickly discovered his knowledge extends well beyond sales. As I enter the initial stages of launching my own company, Donald  has become a sounding board, business consultant and trusted advisor. He takes the time to identify and truly understand my goals and challenges and offers relevant and innovative ideas that will help me to achieve long term success. Donald is an effective communicator ready to share his vast tool box of resources, knowledge and strategies with anyone looking to improve their sales techniques and business practices. From the novice sales person to the established entrepreneur, Donald has something to offer everyone.

    Destinee Walker
    Destinee Walker Entrepreneur
  • Donald Kelly has a deep understanding of how to connect, persuade and read individuals. These skills open the doors to a positive sales experience. He is a pro and all can take a page out of his book!

    Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach
    Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach L H Yates Consulting
  • Donald Kelly is a bright, insightful and innovative coach and consultant that has the ability to work across a broad range of sales mentoring with considerable expertise. He is a catalyst for coaching emerging sales talent with a willingness to share what he learns & what produces the best results for other high achievers. Donald brings a rare combination of integrity, high energy and fun to everything I have seen him pursue. When you are working with Donald you know you have the Sales Evangelist in your corner & you can too Do Big Things! In short - avoid working with Donald at all costs if your goal is to struggle with mediocre sales results.

    Jared Easley Co-Founder of Podcast Movement
    Jared Easley Co-Founder of Podcast Movement Starve The Doubts

Start Today

Since I only take on 7 coaching clients max at any given time, make sure to schedule a call and see if you qualify. If for some reason, we were unable to accomplish our clearly defined outcome for your coaching, I will offer you a 100% 30-days money back guarantee. Scout’s honor!

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