Mace.Horoff..hi_res Have you ever had a buyer who was reluctant to purchase your product or services and you didn’t know what to do? Well, this episode is for you! Mace Horoff is a coach, keynote speaker and expert in the medial sales coaching field. Mace has over 30 years of sales experience and during that time came across his fair share of reluctant buyers. His years of experience has propelled him to a top level performer in handling these types of prospects.

Here are some of the major take aways from our discussion:

  • Mace doesn’t feel you should tell  someone your product/service is better than what they are currently using, you want the prospect to say it themselves.
  • If you are frustrated that someone is not going to buy, don’t get angry, calm down and collect yourself.
  • When you have a reluctant buyer, the first thing you must do is find out why they are reluctant. Be brave enough to ASK them!
  • Mace feels a lot of people become reluctant because of the price.
  • Don’t try to make yourself look better than your prospects/clients, especially those who are high up in authority.
  • Go for the no! Never be afraid of having the client tell you no.
  • Don’t live on hope and maybes, you must be strong enough to walk away if it’s not a fit at this time.
  • When you are preparing for a sales call or visiting with a prospect/client, make it about the client and use the word “YOU”!
  • The biggest gap Sales Professional face is the gap between what we know and what we do!


Richard Fenton “Go for the No”!

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Remember, go out and DO BIG THINGS!


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