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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Small Business Selling, Sales People Failing, Prospecting, Sales Podcast There are many reasons why salespeople in small companies fail. However, based on my personal experience and the experience of those I coach and train, I’ve come to recognize several main reoccurring reasons.

  1. No understanding of their ideal customer
    • You have to create an avatar or a description of your ideal customer.
    • Use your avatar to make prospecting or business related decisions. For example, if I go to this meeting will it help me get closer to my ideal customer “Lisa”?
    • When you do not have a clear understanding of who you serve, you will go after everyone and your results will be meager.
  2. Fear of Rejection
    • The fear of rejection affects many individuals
    • This fear becomes very prevalent when sellers are out prospecting. They become so fearful at times that they don’t do it! It’s scary, but many people just don’t prospect because of the built up fear that they will fail.
    • To overcome your fear, all you have to do is take action. The more you do something, the greater your confidence and the more chances you have for success.
  3. Lack of Processes
    • Having a process will help you sell more.
    • An effective process helps you find more ideal customers, outlines a clear path of overcoming obstacles, delivers value and on-boarding them as a new customer.
    • Without a sales process, salespeople try to sell at their own discretion and eventually fail.

If you’re in a small to midsize business, you’ve seen this. If you don’t have something in place and are willing to develop something, feel free to reach me at (561) 463-2531 or Email Me. I would love to connect.

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