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BlogImageTSADon’t you just dislike that lukewarm, super nice, undecided prospect who doesn’t know how to tell you no? You know the type, they feel bad “letting you down” so they drag the already endless sales process on and on just because they don’t know how to tell you “THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED”.  Well, if you know what I am talking about, you will enjoy this episode where I answer a question posed to me by one of our loyal listeners, Shem Carlson. Shem is a Client Service Representative for HIBU. Feel free to connect with Shem via LinkedIn  to share more ideas with him. You can also learn about the #BIG-THINGS he’s currently working on.

Outline for setting the “Rules Before You Play”:

  • Express gratitude for the time to meet
  • Review the time frame of the meeting
  • Discuss if there are any possible interference
  • Set the agenda for the meeting
  • Ask the prospect if they feel comfortable telling you “No, if they recognize you are not a fit for them”
  • Ask the prospect if they are okay with you telling them “No, if you recognize they are not a fit for you”
  • Ask the prospect if they feel it is a fit, are they willing to tell you so
  • Tell them you will want to plan a next step at the end of the meeting

That’s it! It is a very simple process.

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding this idea. Feel free to reach out to me at


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