The Sales Evangelist

PTHere is part two of my conversation with PT and some of the take aways from the second session:

  • Create an avatar or the ideal client of people that you would purchase your product or service.
  • Seek out top influencers who are in your industry and seek out opportunities to work with them and to add value to them. They will bring you to a community of your ideal prospects.
  • By running an event, you become a thought leader in the eyes of the those you serve.

PT also educated us on the reverse pitch, which is the idea of pitching those who are pitching at you. (Listen to the episode how he masterfully does this).

What are the keys to success in sales?

  1. Have a genuine heartfelt understanding of what you offer.
  2. Think long term and how to grow relationship. Ask yourself, what can I do to provide value.
  3. Being able  to quickly find for your prospects.
  4. Being organized in your communication.

How do you overcome rejections and tough times?

  • Don’t compare yourself with others.
  • Think about the positive things going on and focus on those around you who are supporting you.
  • If you are getting depressed and feeling low, go out and help others! (Wise words from PT’s mom).

Resources that Phillip Recommended: (Information on personal finance)

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Come and listen to the episode to learn more!


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