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Today’s Sales From the Street guest is Luis Ugalde and he shares with us the need for mental toughness and commitment to achieve your goals as a salesman.

Holding a degree in biochemistry, Luis initially pursued a career running a research lab at the University of Miami. Obviously, finances is not where he thought he would be.

Luis realized that you need to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable so he finally took a leap of faith, quit his job, and decided to go full time developing his own brokerage business where they teach families how to reach their financial goals.

“Salespeople put their own objections into their clients heads without even thinking because you assume what they’re thinking.”  – Luis Ugalde

Word of the day: Commitment

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Luis:

His greatest sales challenges:

  • Not knowing anybody
  • Being too young at 24

Strategies you can apply which Luis used to overcome those challenges:

  1. Invest an hour a day into bettering your skills and the way you think.

Luis read books including John Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Within You, Developing the Leaders Around You, etc.

  1. Raise your leadership lid by having a high-level discussion with clients
  2. Ask for referrals.

Before getting into what he can do for his clients Luis asks for a commitment from them to brag about him to 7-10 people.

  1. Get uncomfortable so you can get comfortable.

Take a leap of faith. Do what you need to do to succeed even if it means quitting your daytime job.

The results:

Luis made double or triple the amount he made in his daytime job which was a total confidence boost.

Luis’ Major Takeaway:

Connect with Luis by sending him an email at or via Twitter @luisruben14 and Facebook.

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