How To 3x Your LinkedIn Response Rate & Book An Appointment in 7 Days Without Spamming 

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Here's some of What You'll Learn

during the Masterclass:

  • 5 simple strategies to help you find prospects more likely to buy, increase responses rate and finally start landing appointments even if you've never tried LinkedIn before. 
  • How to find the RIGHT prospects for your business who are active on LinkedIn, open to learning and more likely to buy from you no matter the economy is like. 
  • How to comfortably capitalize on your existing LinkedIn network to land meetings even if you have less than 500 connection and feel your network is not big enough.
  • Be confident in knowing EXACTLY what to say as you reach out to a prospects for the first time without feeling salesy or spamming and getting responses from them.
  • The BEST tools and methods to increase ENGAGEMENT --- after this, the statement "I never get engagement on LinkedIn" will be a thing of the past.
  •  What to do if you feel like you've tried to build a relationship with prospects,  commenting, sharing articles, and basically contacting until you wear them out. 

Who is this for?

If any of the following sounds like you, be sure you DO NOT MISS THIS MASTERCLASS...



"I don't even know where to get started"

This is one of the BIGGEST hurdles to overcome. But once you know exactly works you will be confident to start reaching out to prospects and foster reach engagement.


"To kill the fear for posting and optimizing my LinkedIn profile and finally start getting clients from LinkedIn"

Because LinkedIn is a "professional network", I didn't want to look or sound stupid when I posted, so I never did. It turns out about 95% of users feel the same way. Once I cracked the code on what prospect wanted to hear, it became a game changer and I felt confident posting weekly. 




"I want to find the most efficient way to generate leads for me and my sales team. I’m just an honest person and I want to learn how to approach people in a non-confrontational and casual way, then have an effective conversation with them."

I get it! None of us wants to be seen as "spammy" or dishonest sending out cold automated messages. When you and your team see how simple it is to have conversations in normal and natural ways, hitting quota will be a breeze. 

Responses and Land Appointments 

"How to use LinkedIn to responses and land appointments

You'll see how to seamlessly identify relevant issues for your prospects, strike up a conversation, and transition naturally into an appointment. 




"I want to learn how to maximize LinkedIn as part of my outbound prospecting efforts, build pipeline and increase sales."

In 2024 you can't effectively do cold outreach without LinkedIn. This is BY FAR the number tool my team and I use to build pipeline. You'll learn how to execute plays that will help you get in front of your target audience, build value and discovery REAL opportunities for your pipe. 

What people are saying... 

Got questions? I've got answers.

Is this masterclass actually LIVE?

Yep, yep! It is truly LIVE. I will be leading the session myself so you it is the real deal. 

What happens if I can't make it LIVE? 

You definitely will want to join me LIVE as I have some bonuses I will give away to those who are present. For this purpose I will do a few sessions to give you options. But incase none of the times work, I will record the session as well and send it out to you after. 

I'm not sure this is really for me, can you explain whom this masterclass is for?

For sure!!! This webinar is for anyone frustrated tying to use LinkedIn to connect with potential customers and are having a rough time. Typically, these are B2B BDRs, SDRs, AEs, Full Cycle Sellers, Sales Leaders looking to help their team get responses from LinkedIn and appointments. 

Will there be a chance to ask question during the Masterclass?

You best believe it. I designate time to questions at the end of the Masterclass. Not some canned questions planned by my team like some people. I will REALLY will tackle your questions and offer my best insights. 

Is this really free?

You better believe it!!!! The Masterclass is totally free!!! No strings attached. My goals is to have you walk away with direct strategies you can easily apply to get responses and book an appointment with an potential customer with the next 7 days. 

Can I share this with my team?

Yes, feel free to invite them to join the Masterclass. The more the merrier. 

Do I need to have Sales Navigator?

Not at all. I will share with you things ANYONE on LinkedIn can implement. However, Sales Navigator can shortcut some parts of the process and give you added benefits when doing outreach. But it's not needed to get responses. 

A little word of encouragement from Donald....

Sometimes I imagine how much my career and income would have accelerated back when I was "dialing for dollar", if someone had simply walked me through how to REALLY use LinkedIn? 

14 years, LinkedIn Top Voice In Sales, 3X Salesforce Influencer, HubSpot Podcast Network, 4.5 million+ downloads, thousands of students across the globe and earning more money than I could ever imagine, most of which has come from JUST being active on LinkedIn, has taught me a lot about what prospects really want and how to achieve success, no matter what I sell or to whom. 

My goal is not to tell you how to become an "influencer", but my mission to help sellers like you become "industry authority" guides in the minds of their prospects. I will help you achieve sales success however you best define it. 

To get responses and appointments from LinkedIn, you don't need a large network or professional grade content, you just need to know how to connect with people and tapping into what they really want. 

This masterclass is a result of my years of attendance to "the school of the hard knocks", messing up and learning what works and what does not work when prospecting! I'm grateful to be able to share what I've learned with you. 

Cold outreach is getting harder and harder. This is the PERFECT time for you to take action and finally master LinkedIn. You don't need to worry about HOW to start getting responses from LinkedIn or WHO can teach you they way, let me be your guide and give you the blueprint! Now, if this sounds like you, click the button, pick a time that works for you and let's get you that first appointment from LinkedIn. 

- Donald C. Kelly

The Sales Evangelist LLC.

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