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Steve The Prospecting Expert One of the major challenges I faced as a sales representative was always finding qualified individuals to add to my pool. This is a challenge that is faced by many sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. Well, this is why I decided to invite Steve Kloyda to join us on the podcast for an episode, solely focused on sales prospecting.

Steve is a prospecting expert and has over 30 years of real life sales experience. He teaches individuals from all areas of the sales spectrum, to better hone in on their ability to find potential clients. Here are some of the major take aways from our conversation:

  • Make sure to plan out your sales calls by having an understanding of your purpose
  • Go only where qualified clients are and don’t waste time with people who are not ideal
  • Speak with people who can say yes
  • Utilize technology to find people, but don’t be afraid of picking up the phone and communicating with prospects
  • Learn to ask thought provoking questions that are  relevant to the     prospect’s needs
  • Seek permission to speak with the prospect, don’t interrupt them and expect them to be ready to buy your product or service

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