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Steli Hustle, hustle, hustle….

Steli was born for the hustle and is the perfect person to have on the show to help us as sellers and entrepreneurs improve their hustler’s mindset. Steli is the founder and CEO of and ElasticSales. He is an expert when it comes to startups. He has assisted in more than 150 venture-backed startups to build and scale their sales processes. Steli has also trained thousands of founders, sales directors and sales reps how to create predictable revenues and see drastic results.

Here are some of the major take aways from our discussion:

    • If you lack any kind of talent, you have to make it up with the hustle.
    • After dropping out of school at 18, Steli became acquainted with learning as oppose to academics.
    • Steli’s definition of hustling is going places other people don’t,  showing up where other people don’t show up and following up through where other people won’t.
    • Some people are born with the hustle and others can learn it.
    • One way to increase your hustle is to do things that will make you feel uncomfortable. Everything worthwhile is outside your comfort zone.
    • The art of following up is key to your success. Don’t just give up when you don’t hear from a prospect.
    • When following up, don’t sound needy. Be a professional and get straight to the point.

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