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Ryan Avery - Keynote Speaker During this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking. Ryan is currently a professional speaker working with audiences all over the world. In our conversation, Ryan offers great tips that you can apply to advanced your ability to deliver a great presentation.

Some of the things Ryan shares are:

  • Break the ice by showing you are vulnerable (laugh at yourself)
  • Know your audience by learning about each individual who will be in the room
  • When seeking to connect with your audience, dress to relate not to impress
  • When preparing for a presentation, you are always developing and refining it
  • How you practice will determine how you play
  • When giving a presentation make it simple, impactful and relatable
  • When giving a presentation show that you are human
  • Differentiate yourself by being YOU! This will give you an edge over your competitors because they can’t be you!
  • PowerPoint should not have more than 10 words. Ryan recommends the use of videos instead of pictures sometimes
  • Focus on ONE message that you want your audience to get

These are some very practical tips and advice that any of us can begin implementing today to see a difference. Please try them and let me know how effective it was for you.

You can stay in touch with Ryan via his contact information below:

Website: “How to Be a Speaker”

Twitter: “How to Be a Speaker”

Facebook: “How to Be a Speaker”

Check out Ryan’s New Book:





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