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The Car Flip, Justin Carper, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Justin Carper is a hustler to the core. Justin is the founder and mad genius behind “The Car Flip”. As Justin said on his site, he’s not going around physically flipping cars over. However, he educates people like you and me everyday on how to sell cars on the side and make extra money.

During this episode, we dive in as he shares a common struggle most car dealerships have to deal with. Many dealership have sellers waiting for the customers in the parking lot. When the buyer gets out of their car, they are bombarded and it sometimes turns off the prospect from wanting to buy. As the general manager, Justin recognized this issue after doing a verbal survey with his customers. He quickly made adjustments and results became very apparent. Listen to what he did and the result’s they saw.

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Justin Carper, The Car Flip, The Sales Evangelist Podcast

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