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In our private Facebook group, The Sales Evangelizers, I asked about why individuals went into sales. Although there were varying responses, they all came back to one thing. People came into sales because of the potential for the financial gains. Amen?

But is it really all about the money?

Well, yes of course you want the money, who doesn’t? However, you can’t get sloppy to a point where the money comes first over the VALUE that you offer.

What most people want is for you to listen to them and care for them. If you are able to provide that care for an individual and satisfy their needs that much, money is going to be a natural byproduct of your success.

Here are some important points that I want to stress on:

  1. Do not focus on the mighty dollar. Instead, focus on the mighty value.

That value will come back so many times over. You will be richly compensated.

  1. Start focusing more on other people.

Look for opportunities to help other people. Again, what most people want is for you to show them that you LISTEN and that you CARE for them.

  1. Be cautious of some behaviors and habits that make you start to slip.

Know your mission and live by it. Know your drive. If it’s to generate more money, then follow it up by bringing value to folks through what you’re going to do.
Value first, then your money follows.


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