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Forrest Grigg, Positive Thinking, Sales MotivationIf you let it, negative thinking will cripple all of your aspirations. It’s even more difficult if the negative thinking is coming from a superior, even your boss. During this week’s episode of “Sales From the Street,” I have the honor of interviewing a former college classmate who is now in the world of sales. Forrest Grigg is an International Business Development at AMET Inc..

During our discussion, Forrest shares how, like many, he came across some negative kickback from his boss as he was working on a sizable deal. This was his first business opportunity of this size and it was not a typical contract his company was used to closing.

Having spent a reasonable amount of time with the prospect, understanding his pain, building a strong relationship, learning that he had the budget for the project and the desire to get started; Forrest listened to his gut and the prospect and pushed forward with the deal. The rest is history. Take a moment to listen to his story. Also, feel free to connect with Forrest on LinkedIn or shoot him an email.

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All in all, remember to be confident in what you know to be true and go out and do BIG THINGS!

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