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The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Best Sales Podcast, Sales Training, Time Management , Donald Kelly With so much to do as a salesperson, you can easily get lost in the thick of things and lose your focus. This is why effectively organizing your day is so critical. When you’re organized, you are able to maximize each day with meaningful activities. In this episode, I share a simple strategy we can all use to organize our efforts. Here are some of the major take aways from this episode:

  1. Discover your “Why”
  2. Understand the purpose of your role
  3. List all of the responsibilities you have
  4. Organize your activities with the amount of time it takes to accomplish each of them and their level of importance
  5. Put them in your schedule at a specific time when they are most meaningful to accomplish.
  6. Less is more! Put time in your schedule to allow for wiggle room and mistakes

These are some very simple practices, but the majority of people are not doing them and thus find themselves constantly running out of time and not being able to do all that they need to do. This process is something that has helped me and I know it will help you too. Try it for yourself. As always, I want you to be successful.  I want you to go out and do BIG THINGS!


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