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During this episode I had the honor of having one of my listeners and great friend, Shem Carlson on the show. Shem is an Account Manager for Hibu formerly “Yellowbook”. He is currently finding great success selling media advertising for small businesses.

Now, back in episode 6 Shem asked a question on how to deal with buyers who are too nice to tell you they are not interested. Shem was new to sales at the time and found himself dealing with a lot of these undecided buyers, who ultimately was wasting his time. I shared with him a principle that completely revolutionized the way I sold, when I faced similar challenges.

Since then, Shem has applied what I taught him and has seen a tremndous difference. This episode is our discussion about his story and how it can help others.

Here are some of the major take-ways from our discussion:

  • Offer the prospect an out by doing an upfront contract
    • Tell them “If you recognize this is not a fit, are you willing to tell me so?”
    • Then say, “If I recognize this is not a fit, is it okay if I tell you so?
  • To practice the upfront contract, do it over and over in front of the mirror so that it becomes easy to say/do in front of a buyer.
  • Always seek to challenge yourself as a seller. Don’t be afraid of doing uncomfortable things.

If you want to listen to the episode 6 where his question was first asked, check it out here.

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