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Dino 1 During this episode I interview the founder and CEO of Triberr, Dino Dogan. For those of you who don’t know about Triberr, it is a social network for bloggers that sends over 2 million monthly visits (and growing) to its members. It is a powerful avenue for anyone selling or desiring to grown an audience. With his years of experience building a powerful startup, Dino also offers great practical insights you can take and apply. You can learn how to grow your influence, gain loyal advocates and become a better seller. We had a great discussion and a lot of information was shared by Dino, so much that I had to break up the interview into two parts. During part 2 of this interview, Dino and I discuss rejection and the inverted funnel.


We are all going to get rejected at one point or another. One of the most important things to recognize out of the gate is the fact that you ARE GOING TO GET REJECETD! One of the most powerful keys in handling rejections is to just accept it confidently and move on. People will see you in a better light when you move away confidently.

Inverted Funnel:

Dino also shared the idea of the inverted funnel. This is a concept he uses to describe the means where by organizations and individuals can offer value for free and in turn grow their audience. Out of this larger audience, a small portion will eventually become paying customers.


Book recommendation by Dino 

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation 

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