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Amy Porterfield - The Sales Evangelist Have you ever thought of using Facebook for your business? Well, you are not the only one. I have had many conversations with individuals about this subject. Some of them have seen tremendous success and others have not. With this disparity, I wanted to find out more from a Facebook expert.  I reached out to Amy Porterfield, and expert who has seen tremendous success and shares a great deal of information. Here are some of them:

  • Selling on Facebook is a journey. It requires strategy to effectively grow your customer base.
  • Use Facebook to grow your list.
  • Look for opportunities to offer great information to your followers.
  • Seek out ways to create relationship with your followers/customers.
  • Local businesses can check out “Facebook Offers” to get their name out there.

Resources that Amy Porterfield shared: Jon Loomer  to learn about Facebook Graph Search. B-School is a program to help entrepreneurs with their business. Facebook Marketing Profit Lab is Amy’s 6 week course that offers a deep dive into using Facebook to grow your business. FB Influencers  is a $97.00 intro Facebook course that Amy offers. My wife and I are taking this course and are seeing a   significant difference with our Facebook engagement and growth.


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