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Our guest today is Giulia Guerrero. She is an experienced marketer and sales professional. She has worked with large organizations and small businesses alike. Her mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses learn the one thing which is going to maximize their sales growth. Her biggest sales challenge was trying to get into the minds of her audience. When you are able to get in their minds, you will be better able to sell to them.

  • The best way to understand your customer is to become your customer
  • Take notice of people’s body language when you meet with them in person to better learn their habits.
  • Send personal emails to get to know your ideal customer. The more you can communicate with them, the more you will learn how to assist them. This concept applies to both online and offline business.
  • Learn where your customer is coming from and it will help you better tailor to their needs.
    • Example of selling to military service professionals and offering them smoothies based on their nutritious needs. 

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