The Sales Evangelist

How to be successful in sales, The Sales Evangelist, Meetup Here are some of the major take-away from this episode:

  • Create your own rain by organizing local events 
    • Find a local restaurant that does not have a lot of foot traffic on a weekday evening.
    • Connect with the manager about doing a local meet up where you will bring in a set amount of guests.
    • Find out what kind of content your ideal customers would like and invite someone to come in and speak about it.
    • Market the event to your network through your email list, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or through tools like
    • Offer the event regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Create your own rain through online events
    • Use Google hangouts as away to offer the same thing online to a wider amount of people.
    • You can also user or Each has a free version, but you can take advantage of the paid portion for access to more features.
  • Podcast
    • Interview guests your ideal audience would appreciate and share information that they need.

Online event creations:

Remember, do BIG THINGS!

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