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e’ve all been there. You hit a rut and lose your motivation to sell. You feel mentally drained and it seems like you can’t even close a door. It happens, but the most important thing to understand is that it doesn’t have to last for a long time.

At TSE (The Sales Evangelist), our goal is to evangelize the message of effective selling and help veteran sellers climb out of sales ruts, rise to the top of their sales game and earn the money they deserve.

There was a brief time in my career where I fell into a sales rut. I’d been in sales for over about 9 years at this time. I wasn’t hitting my personal nor the company required sales targets.

I was stuck. Like you, I knew the fundamentals of selling. I’d closed large deals before. It was a mental problem holding me back.


t wasn’t until I started receiving sales coaching that I saw an improvement. My coach helped me to better understand myself, my capabilities, gave me accountability and guided me back to following effective sales processes. I’m no Bill Gates, but I started to make decent money again.

Now, it’s your turn. Maybe you will hit the Bill Gates level. If so, my team and I will be happy for you, just give us a little commission.

To better assist you we have organized this page with content pertaining to veteran sellers like you, who have hit a rough spot. From podcast episodes, downloadable content, book recommendations and services to help you jumps start your sales.

Feel free to message me or one of our team members as you have questions. Click on the Facebook Message icon on any page on the website and will be more than happy to assist. Well, get to it. Go out there and start doing BIG THINGS!

Sales at The Next Level

Three podcast episodes addressing the most common issues veteran sellers face.
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TSE Episode#007: 10 High-Performance Habits That Leads to Success

TSE Episode#085: Three Reasons Why You Are Not Closing Enough Deals!

TSE Episode#566: Why You Will Probably Lose Your Next Big Deal (And How To Avoid It)”

“Nothing is impossible. ‘Impossible’ just takes a few more phone calls.”

-Michael J. Fox

how we can help you

TSE Hustler’s League

TSE Hustler’s League is a group sales coaching program designed to educate and motivate you out of your sales rut through live weekly training.

Sales Training

The top reason most sales reps fail is the lack of proper sales training. With our program, struggling sellers gain the knowledge needed to thrive.

Sales Coaching

Through our sales coaching program, veteran sellers gain the proper 1-on-1 guidance needed to start closing sales again.

Top books for experienced sellers

 The Go-Giver

by Bob Burg

Predictable Prospecting By Marylou Tyler

Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

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