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The Sales Evangelist

Payman Taei, The Sales Evangelist, Visual content About 65 percent of the population learns visually. When you’re engaging with your prospect, are you simply explaining your goods and services or are you showing them your goods and services? Today we’ll discuss the power of using visuals to level up your sales game.

On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Payman Taei, founder of Visme, a DIY platform to help you create and manage visual content, talks about how you can begin using visuals to level up your sales game.

Payman has run a boutique digital agency for 17 years, and his mission is to empower anyone, even those with no design experience, to create engaging, “snackable” content.

Wide audience

Payman realized a need several years ago to create a tool to help people create visual content. He realized that 98 percent of the population has no design experience, which means they cannot effectively communicate visually.

Visme seeks to fill that void and give people a starting point. It’s a platform that allows you to create all kinds of visual content using an easy interface, and it allows you to create it more efficiently than you could without it.

This matters to sales professionals because they constantly communicate with prospects and customers. You have to demonstrate why your product or service is different from your competition’s product or service.

Starting point

Visme is meant to give sales professionals a quick starting point.

It offers templates and themes and icons and assets, so regardless of what industry you’re in, you’ll have the ability to put something together pretty quickly. Then, the analytics behind Visme will track how much time the recipient spends on each of your slides or pages.

You can create a form at the front of the content that requires users to submit a name and email so you can track who looked at your content.

It eliminates the guesswork after sending a proposal or other content.

Sales struggles

If you’re an individual working in a very small business and you don’t have a design team, the platform allows you to create presentations and reports without relying on a designer.

You may not have access to a designer, and you may not have the budget for a designer. The other fact about designers is that there’s a certain amount of back-and-forth that exists in that process.

Visme allows individuals to address those pain points.

You can create the document, and then share it digitally or in person, and you can measure its performance.

Breaking down silos

If you’re part of a sales team, and you have a marketing department, you may still face some of the same challenges that individuals do.

You might work with templates that include your branding and your messaging. Visme allows your team to create templates and then lock certain aspects of them so that they can’t be changed.

Visme gives teams the confidence that they can create unique content without altering the important details. It keeps your rogue agents at bay.

This platform allows you to interact with the templates without the worry of messing them up.

The designers can decide how deep to let individual users go in terms of editing.

Focus on content

Visme allows you to focus on the content so that you can quickly create something you’re happy with.

The other advantage is that the more content you create, the larger your repository of icons and images you’ll collect. You can reuse and recycle them. So your second project will go faster than your first, and the third one will go faster than the second.

Each project becomes more efficient because you’ve got material from the previous one.

Adding value

When you’re following up with your prospects, visual content will allow you to provide relevant information. If someone applies for a download or interacts on your website, you can provide content that stands out from your competition.

You may be able to create a sales pitch for a client, and then without a lot of effort, personalize that sales pitch to another client and send visual content that is personalized to your customer.

Most salespeople aren’t as concerned about content as they are about sales. We’re trying to help them fill that gap and overcome that fear factor.

The audience cares about the small details, so first impressions matter.

Visme can work together with the other pieces of your process to help improve your conversion. It’s a piece of the puzzle.

If your process is completely broken, Visme won’t fix it. There is no magic bullet. But if you need to tweak aspects of your process to improve your sales, Visme is the tool that can help.

“Using Visuals to Level Up Your Sales Game” episode resources

You can connect with Payman on LinkedIn, and if you are interested in Visme, you can message him on LinkedIn and he’ll send members of The Sales Evangelist community a discount code for the premium package.

You can test drive Visme for free, and access a certain number of templates and graphics.

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