TSE 850: TSE Hustler's League-"Luxury Item"
Donald Kelly, Building Value, Price

TSE 850: TSE Hustler’s League-“Luxury Item”

Donald Kelly, Building Value, Price



If your prospect views your product or service as a luxury item, your sales process may not matter.  If he sees it as unnecessary, or as a step that will create extra work, he’ll likely delay making a decision on it.

Today on The Sales Evangelist Hustler’s League, we discuss how sales professionals can address these objections. We’ll address how you can help them address the extra work and how you can change their perspective of your product or service.

Alleviate extra work

Imagine you’re a house painter, and your prospect needs his house painted. Before you can paint, though, his walls need to be washed. He has so many obligations that he figures the paint can wait because he doesn’t have time to wash walls.

You have two choices. Either offer a service that takes care of this step for him, or train him to do it for himself.

If you find that a majority of your prospects are in this same situation, consider viewing it as an additional business opportunity.

Maybe you act as a consultant or you upsell your prospect an additional service as a leadup to your primary product or service.

Explain the business case

If your prospect views your product or service as a luxury, help him understand why it’s a necessary step.

Help him recognize why delaying this decision will cost him money. Or help him recognize why making the decision now will make him money.

Emphasize why acting now is a better idea for his business. Even if it isn’t a necessity, explain why now is the best time.

Address objections

Identify all the objections your prospects might bring up, and prepare responses to each of them.

If they don’t want to change providers now because it will create additional work, have a response for that. If they have a mediocre system that works for now, help them understand the benefits of acting now rather than later.

Educate the prospect by helping him understand why his objections are unfounded or short-sighted.

“Luxury Item” resources

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