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Fear, Prospecting, Fear of RejectionAre you afraid of cold calling? Are you afraid of reaching out a new customer? Or are you scared to try out a new position in your organization? How about following up on a customer who hung up on you?

Today, I talk about some fears that could be holding you back and how you can hopefully overcome them.

What is FEAR?

Fear is this belief that someone or something that is likely to cause us harm or pain. We have these feelings in our hearts and minds that we conjure up with our imagination that causes us to have fear.

Phobias come in many forms and they’re basically irrational fears.

Personally, I had this fear of riding elevators because I was afraid of getting stuck in a small place. It’s because of a show I watched where someone got stuck in the elevator. And that just kept going in my mind.

The way fear works is we tend to focus on the negative side of things.

Overcoming Fear

I learned to get over my fear of riding elevators when I went to a debate tournament in New York City in 2000 and I pushed myself to ride the biggest elevator at the World Trade Center.

The result: Nothing happened. We got to the top and the view was amazing.

Case in point: Your fear isn’t really founded on anything. Usually, what you fear of the most doesn’t actually really happen!

Phobias as Sales Professionals

Sure, you could be scared of the thought of being yelled at or rejected, but what’s the worst thing that can really happen?

You can focus on the negative but you can also focus on the POSSIBILITIES!

What if the deal could actually happen? What if they’re actually interested in your product/solution or that you land an appointment. You take the management role. See, the opportunities are endless.

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