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Today, I’m going to share thoughts and insights that you can help propel your sales to the right direction. We’re taking in questions from Facebook and share the answers here with you.

What to Look for in Salespersons:

  • Experience
  • Good attitude
  • Willing to learn continuously – Make sure their experience is not hindering them to learn more and progress.

How to Work with a Gatekeeper:

  • Look for ways you can work with the gatekeeper.
  • Take advantage of social media to reach out to your gatekeepers and prospects.
  • Send them physically in the mail.
  • Make calls early in the morning.
  • Start building habits and do 10×10 (make 10 calls before 10 AM)

Territory Mangement Strategies:

  • Focus you energy on where your prospects are and where you can have the biggest impact.
  • If you’re brand new in your area, look for those your competitors are also focusing on.
  • Always work on how you can grab your customer’s attention.

Episode Resources:

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