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This podcast just started out as a hobby until people began coming and asking me to teach them and speak to different events. It was a sideline. But as things were growing, I knew this was serious.

Hence, there had to be plans and strategies in place. In short, I jumped ship and left my full-time software job.

Today, find out what I did to grow this business through “focus and measure.”

The Challenge

I was getting speaking opportunities, sure. But I was actually playing on the defensive game, waiting for the opportunities to come as opposed to attacking the speaking opportunities.

The Missing Ingredient: Focus

So I realized what was missing from all of this was focus. I wasn’t just not focused, but I also failed to measure the results from it.

The Strategy:

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

The Goal

Every week, our goal is to be able to apply to three to five conferences. So at least I’m aiming at having one speaking gig per month.

The Result

Currently, we’re actually getting three speaking opportunities getting booked per month.

What You Can Do:

Figure out how many appointments you need to get per week or products sold per week.

Keep yourself accountable and measure against that.

Figure out areas you can improve on.

Focus and measure!

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