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Donald, The Grinch, Sales AccountabilityOftentimes, sellers blame their sales performance on the Grinch, well, on pretty much everything else but themselves. You see, it’s probably not the Grinch Or the Grinch probably is you. And the quicker you’re able to acknowledge this, the better chance of improving for the new year.

So stop whining and make it happen!

It’s probably human nature. We find something else to blame on when we’re not doing well.  I’m sharing the top reasons of salespeople that they do poorly on their sales performance:

1. My prices are too high.

2. I have no proper literature.

3. My territory is bad. It’s horrible.

4. I don’t have enough time.

We can have difficult times but we can overcome them. Here are strategies to help address each issue.

Price Is Too High

  • You might be selling to the wrong customers. Price is almost irrelevant if the value is strong enough.
  • Look at a different group of people who are more qualified. They are usually the ones that are more willing to pay.
  • It’s all about being able to build enough value. This comes down to you. Identify things affecting your customers. Then build value on that.
  • Marketing can produce leads but you can’t solely depend on them for leads. You still have to go out and hunt for yourself.

No Literature

If you have Canva, you have literature. You don’t even have to have literature sometimes. More likely, your prospects are not going to read what you send them. In fact, only a small percentage of people do that. So don’t fall into this trap.

Can material help? Of course, yes. But that’s no excuse for you to say you’re not closing deals. If you really need a literature so bad, use this free, powerful tool called Canva. Or send a link to your webpage.

Poor Territory

Territory management is key. Don’t let your territory be an excuse for not selling. You can still find some areas where you can find success.

No Time

We all have the same amount of time in a day. It all depends on how you can manage that time. Focus on things that are more crucial. Prioritize the things you need to do and don’t waste your time on unnecessary things.

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