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David Kerr. Sales Enablement, The Sales Evangelist, Donald KellyLooking for ways to enable your sales team and boost your productivity? Think Octiv.

Today, I’m bringing in David Kerr, the CEO of Octiv. He was a former Groupon executive. He shares with us valuable insights into how you can revolutionize your sales, and what their company offers so you can increase your profits in less time.

Octiv automates and digitizes sales documents for sales professionals or marketing professionals to help them make sending documents much easier as well as speed up the sales process.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with David:

How Octiv Works

  • Create a proposal using PowerPoint, Word, or PDF and put it as an attachment.
  • Send it to Octiv.
  • It integrates with a variety of your back-end systems.
  • It assembles your document seamlessly so it’s available online.
  • When the prospect opens it, you get a notification.
  • You begin to engage and collaborate with your prospect.
  • Workflow is automated so it goes to the appropriate folks that need to sign the document.

Can Small Businesses Use it Too?


Reasons People Don’t Use Productivity Tools:

  • Fatigue from using sales applications – The average sales rep interacts with about 8 and 1/2 different technologies in order to get their sales done.
  • The concept around change management – Technology is not the end all and be all solution.

How Octiv Is Tailored Towards Marketing:

  • You can integrate with different marketing solutions including Marketo,Eloqua, etc.
  • Marketing can automate the creation and personalize their documents.
  • You can automate your presentations as well and update them.

David’s Major Takeaway:

Think about the change management piece. How are you enabling your sales team with training, technology, behaviors, and tools? Ensure you’ve got accountability across your sales team.

Episode Resources:

Connect with David Kerr on Octiv and follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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