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Dustin Dauenhauer, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Think closely. Do you ever find yourself saying no to yourself before the prospect even said no to you. Don’t say no for the prospect. Don’t decide for the prospect.

Today’s guest is Dustin Dauenhauer.  He is a member of The Sales Evangelizers Facebook community and he’s going to share with us some struggles he faced related to sales and what he did to overcome them.

Dustin is an account executive for Southwest Now Magazine and the Co-Founder of Defining Moments, Inc. They help aspiring authors, musicians, and artists reach their dreams and get their project out there.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Dustin:

Dustin’s Struggle: FEAR

He was afraid to go in to make the sale. He would even be afraid to go in and make the sale. He’d walk up to the door, turn around, and walk away.

Strategies to Overcome Fear:

1. Be intentional with what you think about on a daily basis.

Stop that mindset of deciding for your customers. Confront your thoughts intentionally and deal with it. Remind yourself of your “why.”

2. Make a goal.

Make a goal to confront your fear. Realize the value your product/solution brings. Don’t go in for the sale right away. Build a relationship first. If you’re used to visiting 20 locations, double it up to 40. Then follow up emails or calls. The more you do it, the less fearful you become.

3. Take action.

If they say no to you, tell them, “When you’re ready, we will be here.”

Dustin’s Major Takeaway:

Success is on the other side of fear. Your goal is not only to sell them but to befriend them and genuinely care about what they’re doing. Be intentional about thinking what you’re thinking about.

Episode Resources:

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