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Eric Clapper, Badgar Mapping

How do you accelerate your career in sales?

How do you make yourself stand out in a world of so many people who are doing the same things as you do?

Our guest today is going to share with us principles you can apply to your business to help accelerate your career.

Eric Clapper is the SVP of Sales at Badger Mapping. He started off as an SDR and made his way up now to SVP of Sales after five years.

His secret sauce? Being thorough.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Eric:

Characteristics that can help share your career:

Being fearless in soliciting advice

Doing follow up questions

Be able to always know why (why your customers didn’t buy or why customers want what they want)

What can separate you from others:

Alignment of value with the company

Make sure customers are in a better place.

Do something that peaks their interest and help them to be able to refocus on the value you can bring.

Be upfront and genuine for customers to trust you.

Get back to your customers when you tell them you’re getting back to them.

Strategies for motivating your sales team:

Have good people in your team and they can help manage themselves.

Include your people in the process.

Take the time to explain to them how important they are to the company.

Eric’ Major Takeaway:

Determine the long term success of whatever you put yourself into.

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