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Nick Kullin is the founder of Second Flight Consultancy, one of the fastest-growing growth hacking agencies specialized in digital marketing.

Today, Nick is going to talk to us about the 10x mindset, particularly how you can growth hack your business through having a proper mindset.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Nick:

What Is Growth Hacking?

Hacking is being able to infiltrate someone’s information.

In terms of sales, apply it into your business that can help unlock how your customers think or the perceived reality of how most people see things.

How can you find the backdoor that no one is talking about or touching and infiltrate that area which is the complete vulnerability to make some big wins in your market?

How Do You Do It?

  • Deconstruct everything your business is going to be touching.
  • Be a nonconformist in how you deliver what you do and what your’e trying to sell.
  • This way, you won’t have to worry about competitors because the only competitor is yourself.
  • Instead of taking a piece of the pie, make your own pie.
  • Deliver value in a way that no other consumer has been approached that way.

Growth Hacking Through Mental Awareness

1. The why is important but first figure out your who.

Make sure you’re resonating with who you’re marketing to. Don’t be too invested in your business that you forget about whether your customers like it or not.

2. Master the art of knowing what the customers want.

It’s not about what you think is cool but what your customers think is cool.

First, figure out what keeps customers up at night. Then reverse-engineer that and tailor it around your customers.

3. Be the Weirdo!

If you’re the weirdo in a business where you’re coming up with messages different than what others are doing, people start to look at you.

4. You should never get comfortable.

Never take a day off of thinking about how you could push the dial. The moment you get comfortable is the moment you start to not being innovative.

Nick’ Major Takeaway:

You’re going to run into failure a lot but embrace it with open arms. Do calculated risks. And if you fail, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. But it means you’re getting one step closer. Don’t get fooled by doing something that worked so you stop at that point. Keep pushing it until it doesn’t work.

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