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Experienced Sellers, Struggling Sellers, Sales Leaders Today, I’m sharing with you the top three struggles experienced sellers (those who has been selling for three years and more) face. And if you find yourself in a rut, here are some tips and tricks to help you get over it so you can achieve success in your sales game each and every time.


  • Look at changing to a different industry.
  • Rejuvenate your success. Go back to the first time you helped someone. Go back to your customers and focus on them. Have that why and focus on that.
  • Play games. Join in team competitions. Or join the TSE Hustler’s League.
  • Set goals. Compete against yourself.

Lack of Hunger

  • No one is going to sit on top forever. So don’t just stay there.
  • Do things to evolve. Stop being complacent.


  • Stop winging it.
  • Optimize your process. But make sure to be consistent.
  • Have a pattern and be consistent.

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